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Reading through the Gospels 3

Luke 1:18-20


1:18-20 Zechariah wants proof! He doubts what the Angel as told him. He doubts God!  No matter how impossible it seems, we should never doubt that God can do something for us. Because of his doubt, God punishes Zechariah making him "unable to speak until the day that these things take place." I am thinking about how many times God may have punished me for doubting and I may not even connected that punishment with the disobedience of doubting. I may have just been floundering. Lord, forgive me for my doubt. Amen.


There are two Angels mentioned in the Bible.  Gabriel and Michael.

Gabriel is mentioned here and in Daniel 8:16-26 and 9-20-27, as well as visiting Mary in Luke 26-38.

Michael is mentioned in Daniel 10:13 and 10:21 and 12:1, Jude 9, and Revelation 12:7.


1:21-25 That multitude of people praying outside must have expected Zechariah to be done much sooner because they were wondering about his delay, maybe giving him the benefit of the doubt because of his old age. I can imagine the baffled looks when Zechariah came out and could not speak. I can hear them all trying to interpret his signs with his hands shouting out different guesses until someone got it right and Zechariah nodding his head excitedly that someone finally understood him. Zechariah surely was exhausted after he came down from that adrenaline rush. Zechariah would have had a week or two more until his service ended before he went home. What a way to spend your special intimate time in service to God not being about to speak.  Imagine how focused Zechariah would He have gotten during that time! Then after he returns home, I can imagine Zechariah and Elizabeth learning how to communicate.


Elizabeth becomes with child and keeps it hidden for 5 months.  Why? To avoid reproach and disapproval of people? Was she afraid of gossip and disclaiming comments that would have come her way? I too worry about what others will think of me all the time. Elizabeth choose to take her worry and spend her time with God who is above giving reproach where it is not deserved.

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