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Reading through the Gospels 50

Mark 3:7-12; Matthew 12:15-21;


Mark 3:7-12; Matthew 12:15-21; A GREAT CROWD FOLLOWS JESUS

Jesus withdrew to the sea (of Galilee) yet again. This is familiar territory to Jesus. I like stability in my life and I see that in Jesus's life more and more as I read and I'd never had that notion before. He must have known the Pharisees and the Herodians had begun to plot against Him because He is God and His death was His plan! Jesus did not want confrontation because He knew it was not time for Him to die.


They had come from all over! East, North, and South – all areas of Jewish people. Jesus had healed so many, that people were crushing in around Him to be healed, trying to touch Him. This to me verifies the truth about Jesus just by the pure witness stories that spread enough to bring this many people to follow Jesus. However, were the people really getting the message? This scripture says the came because they had heard what he was doing.  They were focused on themselves and what Jesus might possible do for them rather than who Jesus is and His greatness. I get conflicted sometimes asking for things in prayer and focusing on me and trying to keep God and His glory first.


Unclean spirits fell before Jesus declaring Him the Son of God. Once again, Jesus orders the unclean spirits to make Him known. Why? Did Jesus want genuine followers? Just knowing who Jesus is matters nothing if one does not also believe in what He has done. Matthew 12:18-21 gives some incite to answer this question. It was to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 42:1-4. Isaiah says Jesus will proclaim justice to the Gentiles and He will not quarrel or cry aloud. So Jesus does not quarrel with the unclean spirits, but rather commands them to be quiet and has control over them. Isaiah continues to say that no one will hear His voice in the streets. That is why Jesus is always in the synagogue and by the sea! I've been wondering that for a while now why he did not preach in the streets!  It was to fulfill the prophecy! If a reed is bruised, He will not break it, so He did not come to break the unclean spirits! If He sees a smoldering wick (small spark) in a man, he will not quench it, but gently fan it into flame. I love it when scripture interprets scripture because it just verifies to me the truth of God's Word as it comes together.

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