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Reading through the Gospels 52

Matthew 4:23-25; Luke 6:17-19


Matthew 4:23-25; Luke 6:17-19 JESUS MINISTERS TO GREAT CROWDS

Jesus traveled through ALL of Galilee (not just Capernaum by the sea and Nazareth) and people came from Judea, Jerusalem, and Tyre & Sidon (Gentile cities).  Jesus taught in the synagogues and healed EVERY disease and affliction. 


In Luke 17 we read that He came down with them and stood on a level place.  Jesus did not perform healing and miracles standing up on a stage zapping people for astonishing display.  Jesus was and is right by the side of those He loves.


Jesus's fame spread through all of Syria.  His fame spread, but it was fame for his miracles. People wanted something from him.  They wanted to be healed of diseases and pains and oppressions and demons. Today we still want from Jesus.  We tend to pray when we want something more than in our daily thanks. The miracles were so great that people followed Him everywhere just to see him perform another miracle of yet another kind. There is no oppression or pain that God cannot heal. Jesus has authority and power over all of creation.  There is no problem too great for God to handle. The curing miracles were important because they backed up what Jesus was teaching with his mouth. By seeing the miracles, people could believe the words He was teaching.  These verses are an example of Jesus's ministry in that he teaches and heals. In our ministry serving Jesus, we can do the same by teaching and healing.  Of course, we cannot heal to the level that Jesus can, but we can heal in small ways such as simply listening and caring which heals a broken heart. Healing is an action, just like Jesus's miracles were an action.  Our actions of healing also back up what we teach about Jesus by our example of His love.  In Luke 8:19, we read that the people wanted to touch Him because healing power came from Him just by the mere touch. Did these people really understand and believe what Jesus was teaching or were they enamored by his magical abilities?

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