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New Year's Ideas

For 30 days commit yourself to stop one of your addictive behaviors (smoking, drinking, chewing, internet surfing, watching TV, etc.) If you break your commitment in the middle, just smile, forgive yourself, and start over for another 30 days.

Spend more time listening and less time talking.

Spend half an hour everyday - walking in nature or dancing passionately...

Get some things that you were postponing for a long while - done!

If you need support for step number 4 - get it! Get a housekeeper, a bookkeeper, a gardener, and at least have your car washed!

Clean your physical space. Get rid of some old clutter and create space for something new to enter your life.

Clean your relationships. If you have an intimate partner with whom you need to spend more time, schedule it tonight. Stay on good terms with those you can, and end those relationships that are never going to support you.

Laugh a lot. Do you know why angels can fly? Because they take themselves lightly...

Do something you believe you cannot do. Science has declared that a bumblebee cannot fly, due to its physical structure. Do you know why a bumblebee can fly? Because it doesn't read the scientific literature...

Give something from your heart to a total stranger. A flower, a smile, a drawing, a chance..

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