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Awareness of What God Has Done

"O give thanks to the Lord, for God is good; for God's steadfast love endures forever!" Psalms 107:1

Let us start this week being aware that God is the only presence and powering the universe. We acknowledge and give thanks for the daily blessings of God's presence and power woven into the very texture of our lives.

Spend the entire day this Monday, giving thanks to God, being aware of God's blessings, and being awake to all that God has done and is doing in our lives.

As children of God, we recognize God as the source of ALL good. We give thanks for God's unconditional love and peace. Our very lives are given added dimension and meaning as we allow the presence of God to express true spirituality in and through us.

We go forward this day knowing that our lives are under the direction and guidance of God.

We spend this day taking inventory of our blessings. If we reserve our gratitude only for the spectacular, we may miss knowing and expressing the joy of being thankful for blessings that occur every day.

God blesses us continually, in many ways that we may have overlooked. However, as we take inventory of our blessings, we discover a rich harvest of good for which we are truly thankful.

We give thanks for God's handiwork in all creation. We give thanks for the kindness of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and even strangers. We are grateful for encouraging words, loving deeds, and friendly smiles. We are thankful for food, shelter, clothing and transportation. We are grateful for the ability to think, feel, and express our thoughts and feelings. We are thankful for every opportunity to learn and grow spiritually. We are thankful to God for life, and we express our gratitude!

Begin right now giving thanks, and writing a list of things, and people, that you are grateful to have in your life.


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