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The Purple of Advent

Liturgical churches display the color purple during Advent. In ancient times purple was expensive and used almost exclusively by kings, other royalty, and persons of wealth. Purple reminds us of Christ, who is our king, worthy of our obedience, loyalty, and love. It also speaks of our need for penitence as we prepare to celebrate Christmas again.

Celebrating the Coming in Advance
Advent is the time we anticipate the coming of Christ, not only on December 25th, but also the climax of history when Jesus returns. We celebrate this coming in advance. No, we do not know the day or hour, but we know that Christ is going to come and that God will fulfill what has been promised. We know that we will experience wholeness and peace and life that is abundant upon his return.

And now is the time to live in the light of that victory! Now is the time to anticipate what is going to be. Advent is a time to take seriously that our Savior Jesus Christ , Lord over all time, and Lord over all things, will someday soon come again.

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