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When I'm

When I'm in the deepest throes of despair who will be there to help pull me out of my depression?

"I'll be the one whose hand you grasp to pull you up and help you go on"

When I'm feeling so weak and I don't think that I can go on who will be there to give me strength?

"I'll be the one who gives you the power to conquer it all"

When I'm in my darkest hour who'll shine the light so I can find my way?

"I'll be the one whose love will shine so bright every step of the way"

And when I am so alone and feel that no one loves me who'll be there?

"I'll be the one right beside you for my love will never abandon you"

All these things you'll do for me? But at what cost?

"There's no cost to you, that debt was paid many years ago"

But why do I deserve all of these gifts?

"Because you are my child and I love you."

Connie Combs

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