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Santa's Prayer

On Christmas Eve I heard a sound
I'd never heard before.
A voice was softly speaking
And I wanted to hear more.

So very quietly I arose
From the bed where I was laying.
I tiptoed to the living room
Where I heard Santa praying.

"Dear Jesus, It's your birthday
And I just want to say,
Thanks for letting me be a part
Of your very special day."

"I always have believed in you
I know that you are real.
But there are some who don't believe
And how sad that makes me feel."

"Some houses have no Bible
They have no manger scene.
Some people speak of Chrirtmas
But forget what it really means."

"I pray someday they all will know
What Your love's worth, and then
I know that they will understand
The importance of your birth.

I always knew Santa brought toys
Like my truck and my sister's doll
But on this night I understood
Why Santa is the jolliest of all.

It is because he helps to spread
Good will and Christmas cheer.
And he helps Jesus celebrate
His birthday every year.

Then I quietly returned to my room
And snuggled back in my bed.
Knowing I'd always remember
The words that Santa had said.

In the morning I remembered
what I had heard and seen.
But I wasn't sure if it was real
Or just a wonderful dream?

Author Unknown

Copyright Cheryl Rutledge-Brennecke
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