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Covering Your Church with Prayer

One of the most practical ways to demonstrate Christian love for your brothers and sisters at your church is to pray for them regularly. Here is a memory device you can use to guide your daily prayers.

Sunday – the Sick, Sorrowful and Suffering. Pray for members with all kinds of illnesses and suffering—physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, family struggles, etc. Ask God to give these members His peace and to help them lean on Him in times of trouble.

Monday – the Men of your church. Pray that they will be godly fathers and husbands and that they will take their roles as head of their Christian households seriously. Ask God to help all of your church’s men to be men of integrity and leaders in the community.

Tuesday – your church’s Teachers. Ask God to bless your pastor, the music and educational directors, the youth director and all the Sunday School teachers. Pray that these people will allow themselves to be used by God to instruct members of your church in His word.

Wednesday – the Women of your church. Pray that they will be godly mothers and wives and that they will do a good job in nurturing their families. Pray also that God will bless those women in your church who are either single or widowed. Ask God to help them to serve Him in ways that they would be unable to serve if they were married.

Thursday – your church’s Toddlers, Teens and every age in between. Pray that God will protect them from illnesses, accidents, temptation and predators. Pray that they will all grow up to be strong men and women of God and that even as youngsters, they will lead others to Him.

Friday – your church’s Families. Pray that God will help your church to build strong families and that there will have no broken marriages. Ask God to help any families that may be struggling to stay together.

Saturday – Spiritual Growth and Stewardship. Pray that God will give all members a strong hunger for Him. Ask that God will help members to use their material blessings wisely so that they can accomplish His purposes for your church.

Timothy 2:1 says, "I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone..."

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