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2. What Settings Did I Use When I took that photo? (link to comment) In this lesson, you will discover how to read the photo properties on your computer so that you can better analyze and learn the setting on your camera.

The best way to learn manual settings on your camera is to test the various settings. Before digital cameras, one had to carry along a notebook and note the settings as each photo was taken. This is no longer necessary with digital!

In Windows XP, right click on the photo and choose properties. Click on the Summary tab. Click on the "advanced" button. You should see all the details that your camera tagged onto your photo, including the F-stop.

LESSON: Comment what program (or if you will just use folders) you will utilize to view your photo properties.

Oh, and this photo . . . it is f/11, 1/320 secs., ISO 400, 28 mm. 
Yes, we will learn what these mean!

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