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Speed Scrap 22

This speed scrap was part of the aniversary of My Corner Online. We had challenges every day for 8 days. This was a live chat on Google Plus and here is the video!

:00 o'clock First, find three papers to use. At least one of them must be a patterned paper. Use one of them as your background paper.

:10 o'clock In the custom shape tool, find and place one shape on your layout, and clip one of the papers to it.

:20 o'clock Find three photos. One to be the focal photo. The focal photo will be over the shape that you chose, which will now be your mat for the photo. You can use an element to anchor it to the mat if you wish.

:30 o'clock Reduce the size of your remaining two photos, so it doesn’t steal focal weight from the main photo. You may place them wherever you wish on the layout.

:40 o'clock With the final paper, cut out your title.

:50 o'clock Type out your journaling! A layout isn’t complete without journaling!

:55 But WAIT!!! You’re not done with it yet!! After you type it out, ROTATE the text box whichever way you want. No ordinary text box on this layout!!! SURPRISE!!!

:59 Last but not least, finish your layout with whatever elements or drop shadows you wish.

This is my layout.

Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!


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