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Speed Crop Challenges


Challenge #1

1. Pick out TWO photos and put them on your layout (no more, no less).

2. Choose TWO different papers and use them as your background, split exactly down the middle.

3. Write your journaling.

4. Create your title.

5. Put the date on a tag.

6. Create a mat that is 2/3's the width of your page (any height) and place it under your photos. Mat can be of another paper if you want or solid color.

7. Add a mat under each photo.

8. Finish your layout with any other embellishments or special techniques.

Homework: I purposefully choose TWO papers and TWO backgrounds as a lesson in balance. It is difficult to balance two photos and a paper directly in the middle. The rule of thirds does not apply easily. Or does it? How did the 2/3's mat help the layouts achieve balance?

Observe what others did with their placement of things to learn how to think differently on your next layout. Feel free to discuss!


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!




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