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Speed Scrap 16

We had a fun Extraterrestrial Day here at My Corner Online and this speed scrap was part of the activities. What fun we had!


Step 1: No hoaxing. No tricking. Choose your photo(s). Have a close encounter with your photo and EXTRACT (hint, hint) someone up into the air.

Step 2: Add a mutilated background and an unidentified frame.

Step 3: Add two flying discs on the top of your layout and one crop circle on the ground of the layout.

Step 4: Witnesses were a-talking and sending telepathic thoughts of never forgotten moments which should be written down before the aliens cause memory loss.

Step 5: Add two flashing lights (hint, filter/render/lighting effects) and a meteor shower of elements.

Step 6: Finish your layout with other fake embellishments sightings (OFES’s) and unidentified flying elements (UFE’s) and share in the gallery and this thread.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!