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Challenge #12

Step 1: We are starting with our journaling this time! Use this journal prompt to write some journaling on your page. "Housework can wait because . . ."

Step 2: Use three frames (can be same or different) and place them on your layout so that they either touch or are intertwined.

Step 3: Find photos to go with your journaling and add them to your layout.

Step 4: Add two papers to fill the background, tilting them at an angle.

Step 5: Use an alpha to create your title and rest it on top of one of the frames.

Step 6: What is your favorite element? Find one of that element and duplicate it so there are three and place it in a visual triangle (rule of thirds!) around the layout to lead the eye.

Step 7: Think creative when adding a date to the layout.

Step 8: Finish your layout with any other embellishments or special techniques.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!


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