Speed Crop Challenges

Speed Scrap 24

1. Choose one photo. Enlarge it so as to use as a background, but turn it on a diagonal and allow it to be cut off the top edge of your paper, filling approximately the top one-third of the page (rule of thirds!).

2. Choose a patterned background paper and place it on the same diagonal as the photo,meeting against it, and filling the bottom two-thirds of the page.

3. Write your journaling and title, using solid colored mats or vellum as needed for readability, but allow text to be both on the photo and the paper portions. Oh my! Gotcha!

4. Make a selection of just a small part of your photo and copy it to a new layer and move it somewhere else on the layout. Feel free to make it larger or smaller. (it can include part of the photo that is off the page)

5. Embellish,mat, frame, cluster, or otherwise use techniques to bring focal interest to the copied photo.

6. Put down that mouse! Go tell someone something nice, like how much you like their shoes or how much you love or appreciate them. No one in the house, text them or call them! Don't get too distracted and come right back!

7. Create a thin-lined border inside the outer edge of the layout.

8. Finish yourlayout with any other embellishments or special techniques as you desire.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!