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Reading through the Gospels #93



Mark 6:1-6a; Matthew 13:53-58

Jesus went from healing Jarius' daughter (and telling parables as in Matthew) back home to Nazareth. He was teaching in the synagogue when many questioned where He got the things He was saying and the power to do miracles. The people were offended. They were focused on what they knew of Jesus growing up, that being him as a carpenter, as Mary's son, and his brothers are James, Joses (Joseph), Judas, and Simon? We also learn that Jesus had sisters. It seems quite a large family. Why did they take offense and feel angry and insulted? It may have felt as if Jesus were trying to pull one over them as if they were too stupid to fall for it.


Jesus replied, "A prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household." These words have been said previously in John 4:44 with the story on Mark 1:14,15 when Jesus began his ministry (read notes there). Jesus could do no work there except heal a few people and Jesus marveled at their unbelief. They were too familiar will Jesus before his ministry to make the change of heart, choosing to only see Him as man. How difficult it is to be rejected by those who should know you best.  I can identify and relate. How often have I felt that I have more honor among complete strangers online than I do with family and people who know me in real life? I can relate and it feels difficult to me, but for Jesus in His wisdom he was able to move on to do His mighty works elsewhere. But this Bible story is not about me!  The Bible is about Jesus.  Jesus was rejected, but that does not mean this story is about my personal rejections.  This story is about God's Kingdom and working to grow it. In working to grow God's Kingdom by sharing the Good News so that others can hear and believe, we too will experience the same rejection. Just move on like Jesus did and keep sharing the Good News with others. I like to think that I have planted a seed in someone's heart for Jesus to water later. As a Christian, we will stand out in a crowd, just like Jesus, because we are shining His light, not because of anything we do. Jesus could have done more miracles in Nazareth, but He did not do so because of their unbelief.  Jesus, help my unbelief because I want Your miracles in my life.