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Everyone just wants . . . an arrow prayer

6.7.13 Arrow Prayer:  Lord, with the family reunion weekend upon me, I am getting that uncertain and uneasy feeling yet again.  Why is it so hard for me to just be me and not turn into someone who either withdraws to a corner or in anxiety is over-the-top.  Why can I never shake the worry about what others think of me?  Lord, help me to remember that for every time I feel unloved, undervalued, or disconnected, there are probably many other people there with me feeling the same way.  Give me the words to say and the actions to take to make everyone I meet feel loved, valued, and connected.  It may be my withdrawal to a corner sends others the wrong message that I do not care about them, or that I am uppity, or whatever another person may think because they all take away from it something different.  Help me to overcome my fears without going over-the-top in anxiety and being talkative, fast speaking, and loud.  Help me to gently speak and be a good listener.  Most of all, make me aware and open my eyes as to how people love me, accept me, value me, and feel connected to me, removing all doubt from my heart.

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