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Hit the Reboot Button Arrow Prayer

Arrow prayer 4/10/15  - Lord, thanks for today!  I had a feeling of relief, a feeling of weight off my shoulders, a feeling of freedom.  I did not realize how weighted down my mind and emotions had been.  I am so happy to be passed the season of Lent!  Yes, I know it serves it's purpose, but it is such a mentally draining time of the year thinking about my sins and repentance.  I'm ready for happy scripture!  Bring it on!  The fifth funeral in sixth months is finally passed and no one is ill, that I know of, and it feels as if there is hope that I can finally leave that part of life behind for a while.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel towards closing the forum down and a change of pace is so welcoming.  Lord, thanks for today!  Help me to reboot, have a party in Your Word and Your creation.  Holy Spirit, reboot and flame inside me so that I can spread good cheer and good times to all that I meet.

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