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A prayer for Boston

Arrow Prayer 4.16.13 Father, as I awake today and think about plans tonight with a good friend, about happiness, I am also thinking about those hurt by the tragedy in Boston and their loved ones. It seems so unfair how life works, but I trust in You and your perfect plan. You know the plan and the reason and that is all that matters. Lord, thank you for the privilege of prayer and that I know I can touch those, probably from around the world, who have been affected by the Boston tragedy. I can pray to You and You will reach down and touch them. Father, have mercy on them. Father, I am weary at the thought of suffering. Ease my mind and remove worry. Father of peace and harmony, frustrate the plans of evil doers who would stir up strife. Help me remove my own sinful self as my part to root out evil from this world. Amen.

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