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Minister to Your Minister


A Accept them as person.

B Build them up. Say "thank you."

C Communicate with them.

D Defend them when someone is trying to run them down.

E Entertain them. They like to have fun, too!

F Family. See that they have a family life

G Genuine. Be honest with them. Be yourself around them.

H Honor them. Do not put them on a pedestal, but respect them.

I Income. Pay them enough so that money doesn't become a major problem.

J Judge not! Don't be judgmental.

K Kind. Be kind to your ministers.

L Love. See 1 Corinthians 13.

M Maintain. Their families have the same needs as any other family.

N Nurture. Help them grow in grace.

O Offer to help. The list of things we can do is endless.

P Pray for them. Lift up their names to God daily.

Q Quench not. Encourage them.

R Rejoice in and with them.

S Surprise them. There are so many ways.

T Trust them. Believe in them.

U Understand them. Put yourself in their place.

V Vacation. They need time away.

W Welcome them into your home. Don't wait for them to make the first move.

X eXpend yourself, not them.

Y Yoke. Help them bear their yoke with grace and dignity.

Z Zap all gossip!

--East McKinney Christian Church, McKinney, Texas

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