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Filter Challenge

Lesson 15 - Posterize Filter

The posterize filter is one of those difficult filters that we all wonder what to do with.  It can be used similar to the cut out filter which we have previously learned, but rather than showing you that technique again, I encourage you to utilize this filter in another direction.  Making doodles and sketches is possible with this filter, as well as making photos more defined.

Does this filter depend on the foreground/background colors: Yes, both.

This is a really bad example of this filter, but it's where my inspiration took me. I know this happens to some of you in this class (I've seen it many times!). That's why this class is (especially more than other classes) just some place to get you started to inspire you. Unlike Course 2, I don't "really" need to see the technique to give you credit. 

Just be inspired!

I hope you will learn a bit from this video.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!