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Filter Challenge

Lesson 7 - Glass Filter

I share several ways to utilize the glass filter.  Another idea I want to share with you is to try utilizing it on reflections.  Create a reflection (I've got a tutorial on that in Course 2) and then apply the filter to the reflection.


Does this filter depend on the foreground/background colors:  Yes.

The backgrounds of these photos were SO distracting. I found the glass filter, against the black background, to be intriguing.

I invite you to join me in finding ways to use the glass filter.

I used the "frosted" texture, but the other three, blocks, tiny lens, and canvas look fun! I am anxious to play again! How about you?

Oh, wow! I did another layout so fast that no one has had time to comment! lol....I'm enjoying myself tonight...just scrapping.

I used the "block" texture on the same photo as the focal point photo to create a background.

I'm not sure why I spend so much designing things when I just enjoy layouts like these with no stuff the most!

Behind the text, I duplicated a selection of the glass background and changed the blending mode to create contrast for legibility.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!




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