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Cluster 1 (Sebexen, Hanover, Germany to Gordonville, Missouri) (our line)

Cluster 2 (Austria, Germany) | Cluster 3 (Ringelheim, Germany, to St. Louis)

Cluster 4 (Goddenstedt, Germany to America) | Cluster 5 ( Heidelburg, Germany to Marshall County, Iowa)

Cluster 6 (Evansville, Indiana, to Nashville, Tennessee) | Cluster 7 (Essinghausen, Germany, to Quincy, Illinois)

Cluster 8 (Hanover, Germany, to New York) | Cluster 9 Hanover, Germany, to Walhalla South Carolina)

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I am providing the transcriptions here as they put a little light on the research and may help us make connections.Where a dot, dot, dot () is seen, transcription has been skipped, leaving more pertinent communications.

The first correspondence between Herb Schaper and Margaret Brennecke is from Herb to Margaret on February 19, 1974, in which Herb outlines ancestry in hopes of connecting to Margaret line. Within this letter is this excerpt with regard to a Martha Brennecke's communications.

From Christmas Card and letter to Jacob Brennecke, Jackson, Mo., Postmark Jan. 14, 1935. Return address: Martha E. Brennecke, Tudor Hall, Englewood, N.J.

Dear Uncle Jacob and Family, I want to tell you about a cousin of yours who lives in New York. His name is Dr. Ernest Brennecke and he is a Lutheran preacher. He is the oldest now of your oldest brother who was left in Germany (Cluster #1, Chapter A). He has 3 sons and everyone thinks he is such a fine man. He lost his wife a few months ago. He has a good church and his congregation thinks so much of him. Wish you could see him sometime. Perhaps he will make a trip west to see you. With kindest regards to all the family in Jackson. Martha Brennecke.

Here is another expert from Herb's letter.

There formerly were Brennecke's living at Pilot Knob, Missouri. In the 1930's Charles Brennecke, an engineer for Mo. Pacific R.R. lived in Jackson. He came from Pilot Knob. To my knowledge, no kinship was established. In the spring of 1972, I got this information from the records of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Pilot Knob, Mo.

Birth records:
p.6, No. 50-25
Born 11 April 1864 Carl Blum, Vater Frans Blum, Mutter Julia Brennecke, Sponsor Carol Brennecke

p. 12 No. 135 - 12
Born 5 Oct 1865 Elizabeth Brennecke, Vater Louis Brennecke, Mutter Elise Boss, Sponsor Elizabeth Ruden

p. 16, No. 129-28
Born Dec 6, 1868 Jab. August Brennecke, Vater Ludwig Brennecke, Mutter Elizabeth Boss

July 25, 1974

From Margaret Brennecke (Laguna Hills, California) to Herb Schaper

....I have found that you have some names that are the same as I have. Also, I have found that your family came from Hanover, Germany where our ancestors came from. I got quite a kick out of your saying that you had a black sheep.

My father's mother was Keteryne or Katherine Lehmann who married February 14, 1854, a John Henry Andrew Brennecke who was born August 30, 1828 in Gosler am Hartz, Hanover, Germany. The father of John Henry Andrew Brennecke was Christopher Brennecke from Hanover. He received medals from the Napoleonic Wars at Waterloo in 1815. Maybe he is the black sheep who knows. I have not heard that he was.

You have given some names in what you sent me that I do not have in the information I have. We had a Martha Brennecke, a Henry, an Ernest, etc., but these are all dated earlier than yours except for your August Brennecke who was born in 1800. But it seems to me that we could be related along the line somewhere, no necessarily so, but because they came from the same place, Hanover, and also because of the Napoleonic war medal. As of today I have written to the Mormon church genealogy department in Salt Lake City asking if they have anything on some of the names in my family....

I also understand it father's father came over here around 1850. .....

I will give you a few names on the family branches: Konig, Stumm, Lehmann, Pfeiffer, Scherer. Some of these came from Veldenz and some from Haguemau. Also some are from France. Father always had a feeling that we were related to Lottie Lehmann. This will give you a little rundown.

When I was in Europe in 1962 I got up nerve enough to go to West Berlin and East Berlin. I was pretty scared and more so when I got back to West Berlin and looked in the telephone book and found five Brennecke families there for which I am glad I did not know before I went into East Berlin. I was the last one on the bus to get my passport back.

This will keep you busy for a while so I think I will sign off with hopes that I will hear from you again. Spank Marvin for me for not stopping on his way back from Hawaii.

Sincerely, Margaret B.

Letter from Margaret to Herb dated August 1974

..I can't find anyone to decipher those old letters etc. I have a cousin Margaret B.I. who could do it I am sure. ..My father's family came from in Gosler Im Harz, Hanover also, so maybe we are related. .Many years ago there were 5 Brennecke families in Phil. PA., Did you ever know about them?

Handwritten notes by Herb

Florence Jones, Luella Rodgers, 2222 D. Via Maridosa East, Laguna Hills, Calif 92653
Grandfather of Charles Brennecke who was engineer on Jackson Branch of Mo. Pacific R.R. during the 1920's. To this date (1979) no kinship has been established with our Aug. Brennecke Branch. Luella Rodgers lives only a short distance from Mrs. Margaret Brennecke, but has never met her. She said she would contact her when she got home. Contact Bartels Sisters, Snider Mill Road, about Luella Rodgers.

Letter from Margaret to Herb dated September 2, 1976

Dear Mr. Schaper

My cousin, Margaret Brennecke, the first, was here this weekend and I gave her your letter of February 20, 1974, to read and she thought that we are related. Therefore, I would like to continue the genealogy.

......John Henry Andrew Brennecke was born 30 August, 1838 at Gosler Im Harz, Hanover, Germany. The father of John Henry Andrew Brennecke was Christopher Brennecke from Hanover, Germany, who lived to be 89 years, 9 months, and 12 days old. He received medals from the Napoleonic wars at Waterloo in 1815; was born at Weddingen Bel Gosler Im Harz. Due to the medal and to the fact that your family also came from Hanover as did ours, it looks as though we were from the same family.....

We also have an Ernest August Brennecke who was born in 1869 and we also have a Martha E. Brennecke, I know it is not the same Martha E. as in your family. I hope that the Dr. Ernest Brennecke family will come by to see me in California and also you if you can....

If your relative or you could come out here I could show you some things which I've promised not to send to anyone as the person who gave me some of the information was afraid I would sell it which I had given her my word I would not do. So I am an honorable person and always keep my promises but I did not promise that I would not let anyone read it. It also seems to me that you have more of the older information than I have.

Herb responded on February 15, 1977

In his letter, Herb shares information from Cluster #1 and information regarding Betty Deppings research.


Letter from Margaret to Herb on November 3, 1978

In her letter, Margaret thanks Herb for sending our the Brennecke Family History book (first edition) and states she is xeroxing newspaper clippings and enclosing same. She speaks more of visiting Margaret Brennecke, the first, a woman she had communicate with having married and moved away, and a neighbor writing the letter for her as she had her eyes operated on and her hands shake somewhat, and extends her appreciation.


Letter from Margaret to Herb on October 6, 1979

Sorry I have been so long answering your nice letter and data. As I told you I was waiting for my older cousin to read, She didn't want to keep another cousin was along and said 2 were related. As you can see, I have a hard time writing. Hope you get out here sometime, many thanks for your letter and data, Best Wishes, Margaret Brennecke
(then this appears at the bottom of the page)
1 Franke Brennecke
2. Christina Ludwig
Have you heard Fritz Brennecke who was ......(ineligible)
I am enclosing a check which I hope covers xeroxing and mailing the data to use. Many many grateful thanks. Margaret

Descendants of Christopher Brennecke

1 Christopher BRENNECKE
b: in Weddingen Bel Gosler Im Harz
Number of children: 1
Residence: Hanover, Germany
Special Comment: Lived to be 89 years, 9 months, and 12 days old
Special Comment (2): Received medals from the Napoleonic wars at Waterloo in 1815


2 John Henry Andrew BRENNECKE
b: August 30, 1838 in Gosler am Harz, Hanover, Germany
Immigration: Immigrated to America around 1850
Number of children: 1


+Keteryne "Katherine" LEHMANN
m: February 14, 1854
Number of children: 1


Number of children: 1


4 Margaret BRENNECKE
Residence: California

Also known descendants are Ernest August Brennecke born in 1869 and Martha E. Brennecke. Also, "Margaret Brennecke, the first."


1 Heinrich BRENNECKE
Number of children: 1
Occupation: Farmer, landowner


+Henrietta SCHRADER
Number of children: 1


2 Ernest August BRENNECKE
b: June 23, 1869 in Roetgesbuetel, Hanover, Germany
d: April 4, 1950 in Kensico Cemetery, NY
Age at death: 80
Number of children: 3
Occupation: Pastor at Emmanuel, Corona; and Trinity, Manhattan, NY
Religion: Confirmed at Meine, Hanover, Easter, 1882
Special Comment: Ordained at St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Brooklyn, NY 6/30/1889


+Anna BECK
d: July 1934

Age at death: ?
m: September 1, 1891
Number of children: 3


Occupation: Dr., prof., German, New York University


3 Ernest BRENNECKE, Jr.
Occupation: Dr., chairman, School of General Studies, Columbia University


3 Cornelius BRENNECKE
Occupation: Dr., chairman, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, NC State, Raleigh


*2nd Wife of Ernest August BRENNECKE:
+Pauline FUNK
m: April 21, 1940


NOTE: Please help. We are searching for information on this book related to this line.

"A Family Affair" about Brenneckes.
Author: Margaret Brennecke
Index includes: Henry B. Brennecke born in Germany and immigrated to
Watertown, Wisconsin. He married Katherine B. Lehmann and they were the parents of Herman Alexander Brennecke in 1871. Also includes Beeler, Clayton, Daniel, Fry, Meek and related families.
Copies: Call Number Location 929.273 B751a - JSB US/CAN Book
Format: Books/Monographs (with film)
Language: English
Publication: [S.l.:s.m., 1965]
Film Notes Also on microfilm, Salt Lake City: Filmed by the Genealogical
Society of Utah, 1978. on 1 microfilm reel; 35 mm - FHL US/CAN Film [1036200 item 14

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