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More Ideas Than Time

9.23.13 - Lord, thank You so much for all that I was able to get done this weekend. I always feel uplifted when I am accomplishing things. It makes me feel like doing even more. I have so many things on my to-do list. I have so many things I want to do for the website, new content, cleaning and organizing my house, upgrading my house, redecorating, and then there is all the group and church activities I would like to participate in, as well as spending time with You and family and friends and.... and.... and..... I have more ideas than I have time! How selfish of me to feel so thankful for the time well spent at the same time as feeling I have not enough time. I know it is all in Your time and it is what keeps life interesting every day. Really, if I had it all done, I would be bored! If I had it all done, I'd come up with new things to do. Your children can be so silly, God, huh? Help me to be content with not only with what I have, but with the things I have done.