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Like a Mountain - Arrow Prayer (Bible Bits 1)


This post was written 8/7/2008 when I started the Bible Bits posts each Saturday.  I continued it for 24 weeks.   Later it evolved to "arrow prayers" and later to Bible art journaling.

Here is my thoughts today. I just put them into a prayer for this week.


Lord, as I look at this verse, I am reminded that by my faith in You, I can ask you to move mountains for me. The mountains in this photo are straight ahead and in my way, just like many obstacles in my life. I am always trying to go around those obstacles that life seems to throw at me and forget that I can ask you to help me move them. Please help me to remember to always turn to You first when problems, troubles, or just goals I am trying to achieve are in my way.

Lord, this scholarship that would mean so much to my son seems like a mountain. There are over 450 entries and his is only average. He worked so hard on it, thinking for at least a week about what he would do before even recording it. Now he seems discouraged because so many others are better than his. May we remember that you can move mountains, Lord, and change the eyes and hearts of those viewing his video to judge it as a winner. Please be with those judging. May this video be what they are looking for—a person with average technical skills who came up with a creative, easy-to-understand way to get the point across about how healthy tea is for the body.

I was impressed with the talent You gave Him, Lord, to be able to film from different angles at once and then splice it together so that it flowed so well. Thank You for what he has learned through this task. May he be able to utilize these skills again in the future to Your Glory. We often do not understand why You have us go down certain paths, Lord, but trust that you have a purpose for everything we do.

I have been asking a lot of people to view and comment on this video in hopes that it helps him win. I don’t feel right asking for so much help from people and am in awe at the response people have given back. What if all this help is for naught? I would feel awkward about it. Please bless all of those people who are supporting this video in any small or larger way. I know you love them all.

Lord, as I look at this verse, I am reminded that although I may have faith that could move mountains, I am nothing if I do not have love. Wow! That really speaks to me today. You are showing me today how much I am loved by the support these people are giving this project. If he does not win, it does not matter as he is "something" through those that love him. We are all "something" because You love us. I praise you for the love You shared with us on the cross. We are all "something" because of You, Lord.

Not only that Lord, but I think about how this reference to love is not only receiving love, but how much I gain by giving love. When I give of myself, Lord, it always feels so good –I am something when I love. Wow. That is so cool, Lord. I know that I suffer from low self-esteem, Lord, but just knowing that when I share love, it makes me something, makes me all warm and fuzzie. Thank you.

I know my son has a lot of love in his heart, too, Lord. He has a lot of love and compassion for those who do not believe in You. He has a strong desire to tell everyone about You. That is why he has realized he must listen to you and attend this 5 year program to become a Director of Christian Outreach.

I remember my conversation with him, warning him about the dangers of taking out so many loans. He exclaimed to me that he could not believe me, of all persons, was not willing to stand on my faith and trust You to resolve his financial issues.

Lord, if this scholarship is your way of rewarding him for his faith in You that You will take care of all of his financial difficulties in attending school just so that he can serve You in his daily occupation, then make it so. If he does not win, Lord, we know it is not Your Will and that you will provide other means. We will wait on You, Lord. Amen.

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