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Dormant - an Arrow Prayer

12.2.15 Arrow Prayer. . . Lord, thanks for the reminder as I look at the trees without leaves outside that it is okay to be dormant for periods of time.  I get so stressed with self-imposed to-do's thinking others are waiting for me to do this or that and it is good for me to step back from time to time and remember that just as the trees need rest and a period of inactivity, so do I.  It is okay to sit and zone out in front of the t.v. or get absorbed in a book or stare off into oblivion in thought and get absolutely nothing done. It is during these moments of rest, whether deep in sleep or simply not working the brain, whether for a few minutes or a bunch of days, that I can recuperate, rebuild, and recharge.  Refreshed, I can go back out and do everything I do as if doing it for You!  Thanks for giving me those dormant moments, Lord!