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God is greater than our worried hearts

11.24.15  Lord, You know my heart and my current worries about what to say to a beloved family member who is wasting away to cancer. This will be our last time to make memories with her.  I always manage to say things that offend people and I really want to say what is right and good and perfect for the situation.  If it were just an hour visit, that would be something I could skate through, but this is a three day visit.   I can do this with Your help! As much as I tell myself not to worry, that You will help me with what to say, and to keep my mouth bridled when necessary, I still worry. I just know there will be difficult moments.  My heart is condemning me before I even get in the car!  Thank you for Your Word that reminds me that You know my heart and my intentions and that You know I love You and that even if I do fail, You will wash me clean and see me without sin.