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Lost? Find a Guide! - Bible Bits - Week 18

*First published 1/12/2009

I started a new Bible study last week and the thought of this came to me. We were thinking about times when we were lost, whether spiritually or physically. I recalled a time when I was lost that bears a great analogy.

When we were returning home from Disney World several years ago, we arrived at Paducah, Kentucky around 1 a.m., only an hour away from home. There is this back country road that is a perfect shortcut. The directions I was following which were not reversed were of no help. I knew I was close, but just could not locate the direction to go.

Of course, there is next to nothing open at 1 a.m., but we spotted a convenience store and hubby ran in to ask directions. He came back out and we traveled down the road and to the right. I could tell we were heading into town, rather than into the back country road. Somehow, I knew it was wrong to ask my hubby to go get directions.

We spotted a shopping guard in his patrol car in the Wal-mart parking lot and stopped to ask him. We continued on our way only to arrive back where we started! Yes, we were going in circles at 1 a.m. in the morning, desperate after a long drive to get home.

Finally, I shouted to hubby to just give me the map! I studied the map for a long while until I figured it out.

How is this a great analogy?

When we are lost spiritually, sometimes the people we talk to can be great guides to get us back to where we need to be, but sometimes they can also send us off in the wrong direction. The only way to really know if they are sending us in the right direction is to look at our road map, the Bible.

Of course, these people, even though sending us in the wrong direction, can be a part of God's Plan as he grows us. He often has us get from Point A to Point B in the strangest route because of what He wants us to learn. So, if life is not going just right, we need to remember that it is still God's roadway of life for us, not ours, and we may not know where Point B is, but He will eventually lead us there.

All we have to do is seek Him in His road map and we will find where we are supposed to go.

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