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James 3:1


Yikes! This verse makes me draw back for a moment in fear and then it makes me ponder.  I feel I have a natural gift for teaching and I am always teaching it seems. From standing in front of a classroom, to making education videos online, to working with children of all ages, to writing and sharing online, to answering many questions and giving advice, it seems my life is full of teaching. To add to that, we teach by example in what we do.  Therefore, even parents are teachers. This verse says that teachers will be judged with greater strictness. How scary to think I will be judged stricter by God. Then I realize, just like every single verse in the Bible, this verse is not about me, but about God because God forgives! Oh, does my tongue get me in trouble! Oh, does Jesus have me covered! Thankful! Still yet, this verse should not be taken lightly. I would feel heavy if I would ever come to the knowledge that I made someone stumble in their faith by my words. I do think this verse is more applicable to those teaching about God's Word, but even I do that. Of course, our Pastors carry even a larger responsibility of teaching. In addition, James is writing this sentence knowing he himself is a teacher.