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James 1:5

I recall and use this verse often in my prayers. In fact, almost every time I pray it seems I ask for wisdom!  I like the promise that when I do not know what to do with difficult situations in my life, that I can ask for God to give me wisdom and it will be given.  I need God's wisdom to make choices in my life. Instead of trying to figure out the answers myself, I can fully rely on God.  When I taught Sunday School, I told the children that wisdom was not just knowing right from wrong, but rather (choosing) *doing* what was right rather than what was wrong.  Wisdom is not just in your head, it is an action. 


Without finding fault means he does not drag up old sins. God gives generously which means I do not have to hold back in asking Him for wisdom (or whatever I ask for) over and over and over again.

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