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James 1:26-27


People who "think they are religious" are also self-deceived.  Going to church every single Sunday and doing good may be "religious" activities.  That is where the coined phrase of "doing this or that religiously" is born. You strive to be perfect to do things carefully and consistently every day. Doing good does not get one to heaven and any thought thereof is self-deceiving. As much as we would like to bridle our tongue, unfortunately everyone fails many times over. Eventually, something that comes to the mind will spill out of the mouth. Just like a horse with a bridle upon the mouth, sitting on the tongue, which is controlled by the rider, may eventually break free, our mouths break out of self-imposed, self-controlled restraints and do their own thing against our inner desires. I sometimes say that my mouth seems to have a mind of its own!  So do my fingers when I type sometimes. In addition, a bridle does not keep from all action, but rather it encourages certain action while not allowing another action. Therefore, a person who has high expectations for oneself religiously will eventually fail in use of the tongue. Anyone who thinks they can keep the whole law has a worthless religion. We cannot give ourselves worth via pride in always doing right. In contrast to the prideful religion is the humble religion. An example of a pure and undefiled religion is one who visits the orphans and widows. These people most likely have no status and there would be no personal benefit to caring for them. This is an example of how to be "in the world and not of the world," unstained by sin. (John 15:19; 17:14-15)  We began this chapter with self-testing our faith and we end this chapter the same.