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Lent to Easter

Sleeplessness to insomnia;
she ripped her pajamas
and tossed all night.
So the counselor tells of clients.

What causes such extreme actions?
Why do you not get
a good night's sleep?
Why such an ashen look
upon your face?

What troubles you to the degree
that ashes and insomnia visit you?
There are little things
and there are big things.
There are little white lies
and there are transgressions.

Whatever we call them,
God calls them sin.
And it hurts;
Hurts God
Hurts you.

Ashes to ashes,
Ash Wednesday to Ash Wednesday,
All year through
you are called to holiness.
All year long you discover unholiness.
And it hurts;

Hurts God
Hurts you.


Ash Wednesday ignites Lent.
Lent burns to Easter.
Easter explodes into life.
Ashes don't evolve to ashes,
but give birth to life.
And it heals hurts;

Hurts to God
Hurts to you.


Come, start the healing
by honest worship
At Ash Wednesday church.
Ash Wednesday to Lent

Lent to Easter
Easter to eternal life.

--Rev. Paul Kabo, Jr.


This is actually a local Pastor's writing here in Cape Girardeau. He may not remember it, but many years ago he gave me permission to share this on my site. It has moved two times since then, now on this site.


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