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Every Day is Easter

"Easter comes but once a year,"
So many people say,
But, to a person saved from sin,
It's Easter every day!

A man, when saved or "born again"
His life, to Christ, will give,
And, as a new-born babe in Christ,
He's just begun to live.

"I am the resurrection, life,"
The Savior, one day, said;
'And he, believing in my word,
Shall live, though he be dead."

And that well known Apostle,
Paul, in Philippi made plain;
"For me to live is Jesus Christ,
For me to die is gain."

So when the Blood of Christ,
our Lord, Redeems a soul from sin;
Every day is Easter,
For Jesus lives within!

Author Unknown

Copyright Cheryl Rutledge-Brennecke
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