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LESSON 3 - Blog

There is a main lesson for Lesson 3 and subsections A - H regarding blogs for you to watch and enjoy. You only NEED to do the main Lesson 3 thread to receive a credit.  The subparts are optional extra help.  What you get out of this lesson is up to you. 

If there is something you would like to learn that is not covered, please ask and I will try to assist you.
3:  Creating a basic blog

I understand everyone wants to get down to the business of designing, but we will move through as quickly as possible to get to that end.

.....and...............we're off!

I can hear some of you moaning and groaning right now! There are some that say they will never create a blog and never find a use for it.

There are many uses for blogs, but until you begin utilizing them and understanding them, they can seem foreign to you. Blogs are here to stay and a vital part of the internet. This series of lessons will not only be useful in designing, but also in your whole internet experience.

This lesson will include a series of videos, each in a different thread. However, for credit for this class, you only need to do the bare minimum of creating a blog and sharing a link to the blog. How much you do with your blog afterwards is up to you.

I encourage you to share what you create in this class on your blog.

Please ask your questions in this thread. I may answer your question with another thread and video, but we can keep the original questions to one thread.

Optional Additional Assignment:
1. Think about the uses for blogs and share with others in this thread.

2. Share your favorite blogs.

The below video covers the very basics of creating a Blogger blog. A Wordpress blog is also another good option.

I needed to cover the very basics, so the video is over 30 minutes long. Many of you will not need this video, but please remember those that do need it and be patient.

Minima Stretch