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LESSON 6 - Let's Create! Brads

Finally, we are creating something to share!  We will start with something easy, but for many, you may still struggle.  There is much to be learned with this lesson that is important for all future elements that you will create. As always, do not rush through the lessons.

6.  What are Jaggies & Brads

In this lesson you will learn what jaggies are and how to fix them. The important part is how to recognize them.
Remember: I give a LOT of details and ideas in this video. It is about 45 minutes long. Please do not be intimidated by it. You can make brads as easy or as fancy as you want to make them.

Basically, make a circle with the marquee tool and fill it in with your color palette and/or apply layer styles or actions to the circle. Crop it and save it as a .png. That's it! If the rest of the lesson is hard for you, just soak it in, but don't stress yourself over it. Take what is easy for you and apply it. This is supposed to be fun! When you have more time, pause the video, do the step, and replay the video to practice what is harder for you.

Tip: It is not a good idea to make one brad in every color of your palette. Try making each brad unique.

Lesson: Create a brad or a collection of brads. Upload them and share them in THIS thread only.

For those that are intimidated by this lesson, I made a quick video to show you why you should not be intimidated!Watch me make a brad in one minute and 15 seconds flat! I bet if I were not giving instructions, I could do it in much under 1 minute. You CAN do this!



Here are your brads!