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(name) has been promoted to big brother/sister
(name) keeps us Going in Circles! (cut out picture in circles)
…and the Story Begins
1,2,3,4 I can walk along the floor
1st Steps
8 lb. Baby Melts 200 Pound Man
A baby is a bit of stardust blown from the hand of God!
A Baby is a Gift of Love.
A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes, the sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose!
A Baby is God's Opinion That the World Should Go On
A Baby is God's Way of Saying That the World Should Go On
A Baby is Such a Nice Way to Start a Person
A Baby is Teddy Bears, Rattles, Powder and Pins, Meals at Midnight…Giggles and Grins
A Baby/Little Girl/Little Boy is a Touch of God's Love
A baby's got to do what a baby's got to do!
A Baby's Love Is Best Of All
A Blessing From Heaven
A Boy is a Joy
A Brand New Baby Boy, To Fill Our Lives And Hearts With Joy
A Bun in the Oven
A bundle of joy
A Bundle Of Love To Call Our Own Has Come Into Our Hearts And Home
A Child is Born
A Child is Nature's Way of Giving the World Another Chance
A Chip Off the Old Block
A Double Blessing (twins birth)
A Dream Come True
A Face Only a Mother Could Love
A Girl Is A Pearl
A Granddaughter\Grandson is a Gift From Above… One to Cherish, One to Love
A Handful Of Happiness, A Heartful Of Love
A Honey Of A Baby
A Hug a Day Keeps the Meanies Away
A Labor of Love
A Little dirt never hurt
A Little Flower Picked From Gods Garden
A Lullaby Moment
A napping baby... this is what heaven must be like.
A New Addition To The Family
A New Baby to Love
A New Branch on the Family Tree
A New Bundle Of Joy
A New Bundle Of Joy, Is It A Girl Or A Boy?
A Pool Of Drool
A Precious Blessing
A precious new baby has come from above to live in your hearts and fill them with love
A small little child so precious and sweet has come into our lives to make them complete.
A Sneak Peek at Baby
A Special Gift
A star is born
A Sweet New Little Baby Girl To Bring Happiness Into Our World
A Time to be Born
A wee bit of Heaven drifted down from above, a handful of happiness, a heart full of love
A Whole New World
A Womb with a View
A year of wonder:
ABCDEFG--tell me what you think of me!
About To Pop
Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life
Ain’t I cute
Alive And Kicking
All about Me From A to Z!
All By Myself
All Decked Out
All Dolled up
Already Adorable
Always be my Baby
Am I feeding him too much?
An Answered Prayer
And I'm a Swingin'
And The Story Begins
And Then There Was You
And then there were 3 (4, 5,)
And There Was You
Angel Eyes
Any time is cookie time
Apple of My Eye- Star in My Sky
Are You Doing Somersaults In There?
Are You Done Yet?
As You Grew So Did I
At First Sight
At Sleep and At Play
Babies are a Gift From God
Babies Are Angels From Heaven
Babies Are Blessings From Above That Fill Our Hearts With Lots Of Love
Babies are Blessings Sent From Above
Babies are Bundles From Heaven
Babies Are God's Opinion That The World Should Go On
Babies are God's Way of Saying the World Must go on
Babies are Life's Most Precious Gift
Babies Are Little Angels
Babies Are Such A Nice Way To Start People
Babies Touch the World With Love
Baby Babble
Baby Bee
Baby Face…You've Got the Cutest Little Baby Face!
Baby Has A PhD In Cuteness
Baby I'm Yours
Baby is an Angel Whose Wings Decrease as His Legs Increase
Baby It's Cold Outside!
Baby Love
Baby Mine
Baby of Mine
Baby Oh! Baby
Baby On Board
Baby On The Move
Baby Steps
Baby Workout
Baby's are blessings from above that fill our hearts with lots of love
Baby's Daily Agenda, Eat, Nap, Play, Eat, Nap, Play, Etc...
Baby's First Photo
Baby's Wet Kisses
Bald is Beautiful
Bald Is Neat
Bare Bottoms Welcome Here.
Bare Hugs
Barefoot In The Park
Bathtime is Splashtime!
Beach Baby
Bear-y Cute or Berry
Beautiful Dream
Beautiful Dreamer
Beboppin' Baby
Bee Bop Babies
Before I Was Born
Before you were born I loved you
Before you were conceived I wanted you
Before you were here an hour I would die for you
Believe in Miracles
Better Check my Diaper
Birthday suit
Blanket Baby
Bless the Beasts and the Children
Bloom Where you are Planted
Blue Eyed Angle (Or other color)
Blue Jean Baby
Bonding For Our First Time
Born in the USA
Born To Be Wild
Born To Cause Trouble
Born Yesterday
Bottles are for Babies
Bottoms Up
Bouncing Baby Boy
Boy Meets World!
Boy, Oh Boy
Bright as Flowers. Be thy Life's Hours
Broadway Baby
Bubbles of Joy
Bundle Of Joy
Bundle Of Love
Busy as a bee
Busy Little Hands
Butterfly Kisses
Buttons and Bows
Bye, Bye Bottle...Hello Cup
Camera Shy
Can't Wait To Hold You In My Arms
Children are a gift of God (Psalms 127).
Circles of Love
Close Your Little Sleepy Eyes
Coming Home
Coming Soon
Cootchie, Cootchie, Coo
Could It Be a Miracle
Countdown To Miracle
Cow'nt your Blessings
Cozy In My Crib
Cradle Of Dreams
Cuddle Bugs
Cute as a Bug
Cute As A Button
Cute Things I Say And Do
Cute, But Dangerous
Cutey Pie
Daddy/Mommy's little girl/boy
Daddy's Angel
Daddy's Girl
Daddy's Little Boy/Girl
Daddy's Little Buddy
Daddy's Little Princess
Daddy's Princess
Dad's new Best Buddy
Days of our lives
Developing In The Dark Room
Diaper Daze
Diaper Disaster
Diaper Duty
Diapers by Gucci
Diapers of Doom
Dimples Are A Sign Of The Angel's Kiss
Dinner time just got more interesting.
Do I know what I am doing?
Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk
Don't let the diapers fool you, I’m the Boss Around Here.
Don't make me call Grandma
Down Load (toilet training)
Dream Come True
Dream Sweet Baby Dreams
Each Child is a Unique and Unrepeated Miracle
Eat it? I can't even pronounce it.
Entertain Me!
Every Life Is Precious
Every Thing Goes In The Mouth
Ewe are Loved (lamb die cut)
Experience Wildlife…Have Twins
Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
False Alarm
Feed, Burp, Change, Then Repeat If Necessary
Finally We'll Meet
First Foods
First Impressions
First Words
First/Second/Special Edition
Flashback To The Baby Shower
Food Fight (and mommy lost, and baby lost etc.)
Food Frenzy
For Rapid Growth: Feed And Water Every Four Hours, Expose To Sun Often, Show Love And Attention Daily
For Ultrasound Picture: Ultra-Special
Freeze Frame
Fresh & Clean & Smelling Sweet
Fresh From Heaven
Fridays Child is Loving and Giving
From Here To Maternity
From Small Beginnings Come Great Things
From The Moment I Saw You I Knew It Would Be A Grand Adventure!
Funny Faces
Future Ballerina
Future Olympic star
General Hospital
Getting Ready
Getting Ready For Baby
Gifts of Love
Giggles and curls- ribbons and bows-she's just so adorable from her head to her toes!
Go ahead, make my day!
God Has Truly Blessed Us With A Precious Gift From Above
God Lent Us An Angel, Sent From Heaven Above
God made some of us perfect - the rest of us He gave hair
God's Greatest Gift
Golden Slumbers
Good Night Moon
Goodbye Baby Food, Hello Meat And Potatoes
Got Milk?
Great Expectations
Growing by leaps and bounds
Growing Pains
Grown' like a weed
Handle With Care
Hands are for grabbing
Hangin’ out
Happiness is – (binkie, sleeping, playing, eating, stroller ride, etc.)
Have You Ever Held A Baby Like This?
Having a ball
He Leaks
He/she will fill our lives with sunshine and our hearts with love.
Heaven Sent
Hello Little One
Hello My Baby
Help! Can Anyone Find The Pacifier?
Help, I've fallen and I can't get up
Here Come Those Tears
Here I Am
Here I am!! Gotta love me!!
He's/She's Got His Daddy's Chin (ultrasound pic)
Hey! It's Really Cramped In Here
Hip, Hip Hooray ____ Was Born Today
Hip, Hip, Pooh-Ray, There's A Baby On The Way!
His/Her Name Is Wonderful
How about a kiss
How do you measure up?
How Time Flies
How will you be?
Hug me
Hugs And Kisses, Please
Hush Little Baby
Hush little baby, don't you cry
Hush-a-Bye Baby
I Am a Child of God
I Am a Child of God, and He has Sent me Here
I Believe in Angels
I Hate Elastic
I hear your voice Mommy - I can't wait to see you.
I hope you are happy as an only child because I’m not doing this ever again
I Hope You Are Happy As An Only Child Because I Am Never Doing This Again!
I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You
I Know I'm A Handful
I love my Mommy
I Love You, Little Baby
I Loved You The First Moment I Saw You
I Made A Wish And You Came True
I Made It? Now Where's The Food
I Should Be In A Commercial For Cute
I think I'm ready for the pro circuit!
I told you I was tired
I Want the Real Thing
I wonder if these come in any other flavors? (sucking on toes or fingers)
I’m awake, Let’s Play
If only she/he were sleeping instead of just recharging!
I'll Bet Even
I'll Take It
I'm A Boy
I'm A Girl
I'm a Swing'n
I'm Awake! Let's Play!
I'm Just a Country Boy
I'm Pregnant, This Is As Perky As I Get
I'm Special
I'm The Baby, Gotta Love Me
I'm Thumbody Special!
I'm Too Sexy for My Diaper
I'm Yours
In Full Bloom
In My Womb I Loved You
In The Beginning
Into Everything
Is he growing normally?
Is This The Baby You've Been Telling Me About For 9 Months?
Isn't She Lovely
It Started With A Kiss And Ended Like This
It's a Boy!!
It's a Girl!!
Its a Small World
It's all in the delivery!
Its All in the Genes
It's Almost Time
It's Hard To Be Neat When You're Learning To Eat
It's really dark in here - how's a kid to read?
It's So Small In Here I Have To Step Outside To Change My Mind
It's the Little Blessings that help us to see just how Lovely Life can be
It's The Little Things In Life That Matter
It's too quiet - where's the baby?
I've Finally Arrived
Jesus Loves the Little children
Joy In Every Moment
Joyous day you were born.
Just A Peek To See How You're Doing
Just Arrived
Just The Bare Facts Please!
Just the right hat for every occasion
Kid Under Construction
King of the sandbox
Labor And Delivery
Labor Day
Labor Of Love
Lady In Waiting
Lamazing Grace
Laying Closely to my Heart
Let Me Out Of Here!
Let the good times roll
Let's See What Develops
Life On The Inside
Life's most precious Gifts are those tied with heartstrings
Life's Rough When Your Bottle's Empty And Your Diaper's Full
Lil' Preemie
Little Bitty Pretty One
Little Blessings Make Life a joy
Little Boy Under Construction
Little boys/girls do cry
Little Buddy
Little Darlin'
Little Ears, Little Nose, Little Fingers, Little Toes
Little Girl Under Construction
Little Lady
Little One
Look at Me
Look at that face
Look how precious
Look Out World. Here I Come
Look What Heaven Sent
Look What I Can Do!
Look what the stork brought
Look what we found in the Cabbage Patch
Look what's sprouting up.
Look Who's Growing Up
Look Who's Talking
Love At First Sight
Love Has A Name, ____
Love Is A New Addition To The Family
Lovin you is easy cuz your beautiful
Magical Milestones
Make Room For ___
Make Room For Baby
Makes my heart melt with just a smile.
Making Our Dreams Come True
Making Tracks, No turning back (baby walking)
Mama's Boy
March Showers Bring April Babies
Miles of smiles (car seat)
Milk, It Does A Baby Good
Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the cutest baby of them all?
Mom In Waiting
Mommies Love Their Disney Babies
Mommy Bloom's
Mommy To Be
Mommy, can we keep him/her? (new siblings)
Mommy/Daddy's little angel
Mommy's Blooms
Mommy's little boy/girl
Mommy's Precious little Baby
Mom's New Shopper Partner
Monday's Child Is Fare Of Face
Month By Month
Moo Time
More Milk Please!! (in black spotted letters)
More Precious Than Gold
More Than Wonderful
Mother Lode
Moving up in the World (baby 1st standing)
My "Hand" some baby boy!
My Angel...Only when he/she's sleeping!!!
My Blankie
My First Day
My First Pictures
My First Tooth
My greatest Blessings, call me mommy
My heart belongs to Mommy/Daddy
My heart bursts with Happiness
My name is No, No, No, but grandma calls me precious.
My Skin Just Cannot Stretch Any More!
My skin just cannot stretch any more!
My Turn on Earth
Name that Food
Never knew all my hope and dreams would come in such a small package- My Daughter.
Never Let a Baby Know your in a Hurry
Nighty Night
No Earthly Joys Could Bring More Pleasure than a Little Girl/Boy to Love and Treasure.
Now Appearing
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.....
O, the Lord's been good to me
Oh Baby...
Oh Boy Oh Boy!
Oh Boy! It's A Girl!
Oh So Cute
Oh That Glow
Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Choose To Conceive
On the Day You Were Born
On the Go
On The Move
On Your Mark, Get Set, Go
On your mark, get set, go (first steps!)
One Step For A Man Is One Giant Leap For A kid.
One who sleep under a quilt is comforted by love
One who sleeps with a blankie is comforted with love
Ooops! / Ooopsy Doopsy! / Ooopsy Daisy!!
Our Family Just Grew By Two Feet
Our Gift from the Lord
Our Growing Family
Our Lil' Chickadee
Our Little Angel
Our Little Love Bug
Our Little Miracle
Our Little Sleeping Angel.
Our Little Sweetie
Our littlest Angel
Our New Arrival
Our New Love
Our Sweet Angel
Part of Your World
Pea In The Pod
Pee U (diapers)
Peek a Boo I See You (ultrasound)
Peek- a -Boo!
Peek-A-Boo We See You
Peek-A-Boo, Pink Or Blue
People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.
Picture Perfect
Pink or Blue, We Love You
Pitter Patter Of Little Feet
Please Hush Little Baby
Pose nude? You bet
Practically Perfect in Every Way
Precious Moments With…
Precious Treasures
Pregnant Pause
Presenting: The Newest Member of our Family
Pretty as A Picture!
Pretty Girl
Pretty In Pink
Pretty Maids All in a Row
Pure Joy
Quiet! Baby's Sleeping
Quilt is for Baby
Quilt n' Cozy
Qutie Pie
Ray of Sunshine
Reach for the stars and don't worry about falling- because Mom and Dad will catch you!!
Reach high and touch the stars
Ready For Baby
Ready Or Not, Here I Come
Ready or not, here I grow!
Rock-a-bye Baby
Roses 'round the door, babies on the floor, who could ask for more?
Rub a dub dub, fun in the tub
Saturday's Child Works Hard For A Living
See What I Can Do
See what I can do (firsts)
Sent from above
Sent From Heaven
Shake, Rattle, and Roll
She will fill our Lives with Sunshine!
She Will Fill Our Lives With Sunshine, And Our Hearts With Love
She's a Superstar
She's About To Pop
She's Having A Baby
Shh...Baby (or Name) Sleeping
Showers Of Blessings
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours
Simple pleaseures are life's greatest treasures
Simply Irresistible
Sleep Sweetly Precious Baby
Sleep Sweetly Precious baby, Angels watch over you... Mama is near
Slimy, yet Satisfying
Small (tiny) blessings make life a joy
Small Blessings Make Life A Joy
Snack Time
Sneak Peak
Sneak Preview
Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails; that what little boys are made of.
Snug as a Bug
Snug as a bug in a rug
So Big
So Dog-gone Cute! (dog Stickers)
So Much To Do, So Little Time
So much to do, so little time
Some days I just can't decide what to wear...
Someone Is Waiting
Someone new to love
Someone To Love
Something wonderful has just sprouted
Special babies are the seeds in Gods Miracle garden
Special Delivery
Special Things To Come
Splendid Surprise
Sprung a leak!!
StarShine...MoonShine (star/moon gazing layout)
Step by step
Straight From heaven up Above here is a Baby for us to Love
Strike A Pose
Such A Cutie Pie
Sugar and Spice (A Whole Lotta spice)
Sugar and Spice and everything nice,.that's what little girls are made of.
Super Uncomfortable, Thanks!
Sweet Beginnings
Sweet Blessings from Above
Sweet Child Of Mine
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Pea: Water often with tender love and care. Grows fast!
Swollen Ankles, Stretch Marks And The Miracle Of Love
Tap Tap Tap, Could You Send In Some Real Food?
Teething Is The Pits
Teething Troubles
Temptations Of Tots
Ten little fingers and ten little toes
Ten little fingers, ten perfect toes, fill out hearts with love that overflows.
Ten Tiny Fingers & Toes
Ten Tiny Fingers, Ten Tiny Toes
Thank Heaven For Little Girls/Boys
That’s it! I'm going to Grandma's.
That's My Baby, B'gosh
The Age of Innocence
The Apple Of Our Eye
The art of being a parent is to sleep when the baby isn't looking.
The Bare Necessities
The Belle Curve
The best thing to spend on kids is time
The Big Day
The blessed event - Boy do I feel blessed.
The Blessings of life are upon you.
The bottom line
The child born on a Sabbath day is bonny and blithe and good and gay.
The Countess/Count of Cranky
The Dish ran away with the spoon
The Duke/Duchess of Dirty Diapers
The Family Welcomes a New Star to their Galaxy of Love
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
The gift of love
The greatest
The Hands in the Cradle Rule our World
The Inside Story
The Little Streaker
The many faces of ______
The Miracle Of Life
The Most Precious Gift
The Most Wonderful Sound Our Ears Can Hear Is The Sound Of A Newborn Baby
The one who sleeps under a quilt is comforted by love.
The Pitter Patter Of Little Feet
The prince/princess of pout.
The Queen of Cute
The Queen of Hearts
The Rookie
The Star Of The Show
The Streaker
The Womb-Mate
The World Shines Bright with Endless Possibilities Each time a child is Born
There Is A Great Joy Coming
There is nothing so precious as a sleeping baby
There Will Be Showers of Gifts
There's Only One pretty Baby in the World, and Everybody has it
There's Something About That Name
They Placed You In Our Arms And All Our Dreams Came True.
Think Pink
This Eating Stuff Is HARD Work
This must be what Tough Love is all about
Three, Two, One, What A Bundle Of Fun
Thursday's Child Has Far To Go
Time for a Nap
Tiny blessings make life a joy
Tiny Hands
To beat to eat
Today, Love has a name, (childs name)
Toe-tally delicious!
Together We are Three
Toot, toot, tootsie
Toothless Beauty
Toothless Wonder
Tossed That Habit! (Bottle, Pacifier)
Tough Love - It's tough to love something this stinky!
Tuesday's Child Is Full Of Grace
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star...
Twinkle, Twinkle, Our Little Star, How We Wonder What You Are.
Two Peas In A Pod (Twins)
Under Construction
Waiting For Baby
Waiting For You
Watch and See How I Grow…
Watch Me Grow
Watch me Grow…My first 6 Months!
Watch out, here I grow
Water Baby
We Can Bearly Wait
We have increased the size of our house by two feet!
We made a wish, you come true
Weighting For You
Welcome little one
Welcome to the World!
Welcome To The World, Little One!
We're Pregnant!
Wet Baby Kisses
We've Only Just Begun
We've Waited so Long for this Special Day, for a Child of Our Own to be Sent Our Way
What A Belly
What A Busy Body!
What A Difference A Day Can Make
What A Difference A Day Makes
What A Life? Eating? Sleeping? Playing... And Being Cute
What a Miracle
What a Wonderful World
What did they do before me?
What Did They Do Before Me?
What Wondrous Things God Has Made
What's All The Fuss About?
What's one more?
What's One More?
When A Baby Is Born So Are Grandparents
When a Child is Born, So is a Grandma (grandpa)
When A Child Is Born, The Angels Sing
When do we eat?
When I count my blessings, I count on you
When I Get Big
When I Get Big I'll Get Even
When in doubt, take a nap!
When My Baby Smiles At Me
When They Put You In Our Home, You Fell Into Our Heart
When they put you in our homes, you fell into our heart
When you smile the whole world lights up
When you wish upon a star
Where is babies ear, eye, nose, mouth etc.
Where's my rubber ducky
Which way to Hollywood
Which Will It Be A He Or A She
Which will it be a he or a she
Which Will It Be?
While Developing in The Dark Room
While You Were Sleeping
Who will you look like,
Who's Spoilin' Who
Will it be a Huntin' Buddy or a Shopping Pal
Will It Be Pink Or Blue?
Will you look like Daddy or me?
With every little baby's birth, a bit of stardust falls to earth
Womb With A View
Wow, We're Pregnant!
Wrapped in divine softness
yeah, I know I'm in trouble but you love me anyway
Yep, ten toes!
Yes Sir, that's my Baby!
You & Me... So Happy Together
You are Cut from a Pattern I Love
You are my special angel...sent from heaven above
You are my sunshine.
You are so beautiful to me
You Are So Loved
You are the Sunshine of My life
You bet I'm cute
You can have the car if you'll just stop crying
You Glow Girl
You light up my life
You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
You’re one in a million
You’re so doggone cute
Young and Restless
You're so Precious to me…cute as can be…Baby of Mine
You're Such A Part Of Me
You've Captured My Heart
You've come a long way, baby!
You've Got The Cutest Little Baby Face
Yummy, Yummy, Yummy,..I've got Veggies in my Tummy

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