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How low is "low?"

*written 8/20/2009

I just twittered this photo saying "Ever play this game? How low does "low" really mean?"

Suddenly, I realized what a great analogy this could be in so many applications!

Life is like a roller coaster, with sharp turns, casual turns, steep dips, coasting lanes, high hills, and low valleys.

We can be low in so many areas of our lives.

We are low when life gets us down as it bombards us with problems and troubles and our minds cannot push forward. (oh, those steep dips!)

We are low when we do not eat right, sleep right, or are ill and our bodies physically cannot go on. (oh, those sharp turns!)

We are low when everything seems to be going right, yet we look at all of the less fortunate and our hearts essentially break for others. (oh, those high hills!)

We are low when doldrums set in from doing the same thing day after day after day and the impulse in our veins to get new things done has diminished. (oh, those coasting lanes!)

We are low when the future seems to be unknown and taking on a new direction, but we know not where we are headed and our backbones are afraid. (oh, those casual turns)

Oh, our minds, bodies, hearts, veins, and backbones need to be refueled!

But we play a game. But we play a game with our minds, bodies, hearts, veins, and backbones.

We know they are low, but how low are they really? Is this a game we should really be taking risks on?
I know there are often times in my life where I feel a need to be recharged. I push myself physically, even when sick, telling myself that I will be better tomorrow if I just make it through today. I lose all inspiration and impulse to attack any of my goals for the day, whether it be digital scrapbooking, work, or cleaning house. Sometimes my heart feels far from God and I just need to read His Word in order to be spiritually recharged. Sometimes I just need a change of pace – a new view – to push forward and tackle life. I often forget to eat and I never sleep as much as I should therefore brutally abusing my body.

Why do we play this game? Why do we take these risks? What is up with us?

Are you low today? What are you going to do to refuel yourself today?


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