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Suicide Is Real


I did some crying today that is good for my soul through art.

I have a message in my heart that should not sit there hidden. I can only hope that this message reaches the eyes that need to ear. If you know of someone that deserves this word of thanks, please pass it on for me. If it is you, then you know in your heart it is meant for you. When I prayed, God sent you.

6/26/16 I wrote this on my personal Facebook wall: "Thanks all. I'm fine. It seems to me that those who have a common interest in art seem to get this better than others. Some may feel this should not be here, but I need to stop letting my worry that others are judging me stop letting me be "me." I've hidden on pseudonym blog for years (which I removed a few months ago and now have a new domain name) where I found a semi-large crowd followed me, not for reasons I thought, but for the words I wrote. It was weird to me for years that people actually read what I wrote because that is not the response I get from real life people. I feel like many real life people do not know the real me because I hide it.

I think yesterday I realized that I know for the same reasons I hide, my brother did too. I think it's time to stop worrying about what other people think and to be myself, in honor of my brother. You can see here that he was real with me, where he could not be real with others. He knew I understood like no other understood and he would often say things to me my own head had thought and never said out loud or in text.


This is meant to be a positive graphic. It is difficult to read, yes, but it is meant for people to see the good in the world. That is what I am seeing. I am seeing the good, positive, wonderful people.


God has used me since 2005 online to reach people online and it's crazy the amount of emails I've gotten over the years from complete strangers who won't post publicly,but will write me about how what I write has helped them and changed them forever. So weird. It is when I am transparent like this that God uses me.


So anyway, my attitude needs to be the same everywhere, that you can love me for who I am and stick around or not like me and mosy along."

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