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A Matter of the Heart


First shared November 1, 2006

God’s Word about our heart as found in scripture

Quite a few years ago, I crossed paths often with this particular lady who always said to me “God bless your heart.” A common phrase, but the more she said it, the more I began to wonder what it “really” meant. Why did my heart need blessing so much? So I decided to do a Bible study on the word “heart.” Wow, did I find many references to it in the Bible, many of which are common phrases in our language.

Take a moment to go through this list. All of these phrases are from scripture. Read each line and then pause and reflect on its meaning. I know I learned a lot by this exercise, I hope you do to.

Take a moment to leave a comment about what you've learned.

God had put in his heart
set his heart on
pride of his heart
hardened his heart
sadness of heart
found his heart faithful
devote your heart
my heart yearns
guilt in my heart
upright heart
wise in heart
joy in the heart
meditations of my heart
pure heart
troubles of my heart
examine my heart
my heart trusts
my heart leaps for joy
my heart grew hot
contrite heart
my heart is steadfast
sin in my heart
broken my heart
a heart of wisdom
blameless heart
guard your heart
anxious heart
I had it in my heart to
test the heart
integrity of heart
my heart will always be there
glad in heart
discerning heart
you know in your heart all the wrong
glad in heart
discerning heart
you know in your heart all the wrong
upright in heart
heart longed for
heart and soul
change of heart
hard heart
all of your heart and all of your soul
take to heart
my heart rejoices
grieve your heart
what is in my heart
do not lose heart
take these words to heart
his heart failed him
terror filled his heart
heart’s desire
the lord looks at the heart
you alone know the hearts of all men
praying in her heart
the lord searches every heart
make music in your heart
sincerity of heart
cut to the heart
one in heart
unrepentant heart
believe in your heart
unbelieving heart
doubt in his hear
pondered them in her heart
his heart went out to
good heart
where your treasure is, there your heart will be
new heart and new spirit
humble in heart
overflow of the heart the mouth speaks
out of the heart comes evil thoughts
happy heart
cheerful heart
heart rages
I thought in my heart
hasty in your heart
for the one my heart loves
you have stolen my heart
my heart sank
sick at heart
pour out your heart
attitudes of the heart

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