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100 Ways To Be More Creative

Here is our second collective list!  This one was difficult.  I must pick and easier one next time!  It was fun none-the-less stretching our brains to come up with this list.


1. Search out moments in our lives
2. Find beauty in the everyday
3. Slow down
4. Sing in the bathroom
5. Breath deeply
6. Go past the fear
7. Just do it
8. Start and see what happens
9. Feel free
10. Be inspired by advertisements
11. Scroll a gallery
12. Use templates
13. Do challenges
14. Use shapes
15. Pursue your curiosity
16. Define your purpose
17. Follow your dreams
18. Go on a photo walk
19. Shop for new tools
20. Reflect on past experiences
21. Think of family members
22. Daydream
23. Drink wine
24. Listen to music
25. Drink hot tea (or coffee)
26. Do a dork dance
27. Carve out time in your schedule.... and stick to it!
28. Do not forget to turn on your alarm clock!
29. Eat Alien Green Cheese at breakfast
30. Learn a new skill
31. Fail, adapt, learn, explore, try again
32. Smile in your mind
33. Do not remain seated too long, stretch your legs and arms
34. Quit beating yourself up
35. Be around creative people
36. Advance confidently
37. Pin (pinterest) images that inspire you.
38. Match colors
39. Play with blending modes
40. Soak in bathtub and think
41. Do an internet image search
42. Explore your software
43. Do Hummie's World classes (guaranteed effects)
44. Write down ideas (get them outta the brain!)
45. Connect two inspirations
46. Photograph what makes you smile
47. Travel [see different parts of even your own town]
48. Tap into your inner child
49. Think about it all day before trying to act
50. Look for stuff in your stash you never used
51. Shop a new kit
51. Shop a new kit
52. Garden
53. Leave anonymous friendly inspirational notes around your home, work, or community
54. Get chores done first so you don't feel guilty for scrapping
55. Wear earplugs to drown out noises
56. Find a new designer to follow
57. Use a unique cup to drink a unique drink and just think
58. Look for a layout you love and scraplift it
59. Create every day
60. Grab first thing you see & think of new way to use it
61. Pay it forward
62. Collaborate
63. Let your imagination go wild, there is no limit
64. Empty your mind of worries onto your canvas
65. Ask someone for a number and use it to start
66. Listen to the rain
67. Take lots of photos
68. Stare and think
69. Search quotes
70. Let it go
71. Read something that inspires you
72. Google
73. See individual aspects that make up something
74. Consider how you can change one feature
75. Reflect on "right now;" don't fake it until you make it; use how you feel right now
76. Find a resource and use it in a new way
77. Create an "idea garden" to store things that inspire you
78. Make a list
79. Don't worry about being original. It's okay.
80. Create like in photography; take a lot to get that one good one
81. Feel this; look for contrast
82. Wait. Realize that creativity comes & goes & will come back
83. Ask yourself a question
84. Eat comfort food
85. Consider an emotional time and tap into it
86. Get up. Go out and get a new experience to tap into
87. Go for a photo walk and take random photos, study them at home
88. Re-do something you did a year ago
89. Go to a hobby store and snap photos with your phone
90. Find an old book in your house, drag it out, open & be inspired
91. Close your eyes, empty to blank canvas, wait, what's the first thing you see?
92. Combine two templates
93. Google a theme idea followed by "quote"
94. Find a need and then find a way to fulfill it
95. Consider absurd notions
96. Search for a new color palette that moves you
97. Doodle on pen and paper
98. Make your layout, then rotate it and see what you prefer.
99. Visit a museum & sit in quiet & think
100. Don't try so hard

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