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It's called inspiration, not outspiration

The only "way out" is "in."

To be useful to others, inspiration has to be dug out from within and processed before it can be shown outward.

I know I sometimes try too hard to be an inspiration to others, but it is ironic that to inspire others, you must first look within? Often my focus is on others and not on my heart within and it becomes a forced, non-workable push, rather than something that truly moves another from inside me.

Breathe in, breathe out.

We breathe in and out to mantain life.

First take it all in deeply, feel it, and then let it out to stimulate and arouse emotion and creativity in others.

The proverbial light bulb goes off; does it start within or from others?
Did the chicken come before or after the egg?
Or does it all just work together in a circular motion?

We often ask in digital scrapbooking the question of for who we scrap.

Some of us scrap to inspire others and leave a bit our ourselves to the future. We focus on "outspiration."

Some of us scrap for ourselves and the "inspiration" it brings.

Is either right or wrong?

THE FRIENDLY FUZZ FEELING: I promise to always inspire you by first looking inward. What comes out is much more sincere.

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