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I Sit in the Water


Here is another poem I wrote while sitting at camp on Aug 15 at the North Fork Recreation Area. It’s rather long at 3 pages. It is of our adventure in the water the night before. I think it seems “corny” as that word was used to mean in my youth. As I wrote, I wrote quickly and immediately would think to myself, “Did that just come out of my brain?” I could not speak this way to describe things if I tried. It only comes out like this when writing and it comes out without effort. It’s weird to describe the sensation and yet many can identify with how good it feels to be creative. The quiet time being creative trumps any boring sentimental words produced. [Found a good definition of corny: Trying to be cool, but ultimately very uncool indeed, and often even extremely embarrassing.] Although I am not trying to be cool, just being brave in sharing my creative time which appears to be that I’m trying to be cool. You know that weird world we live in. Great. Now I don’t want to hit that post button. If I do, you know I got brave again! Posted August 23, 2022

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