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What does 100% Gift; 100% Rejection Mean?


I was asked on Facebook to explain what it means that our faith is a 100% gift from God, but that rejection is 100% from man. I wrote the below and I rather liked it and wanted to preserve it and share it for others, so I am copying it here to my blog.

To answer your inquiry on Faith is 100% God; Rejection is 100% man; I will try to help you understand by an analogy. I love analogies.

I give you a gift before you are born and bring it to your house and leave it.

When you are born, you have done nothing to receive the gift. It is yours. It belongs to you. It is 100% a gift.

You have choices:
1. Let the gift set there. It is still yours.
2. Pick up the gift and use it for good (works).
3. Pick up the gift and throw it out (100% rejection).