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Charged Up


Most certain, at some time in everyone's life, we come across a time when our car batteries must be jump-started. That pause in life can be quite frustrating. Take that opportunity to reflect and turn something bad into something good.

I like to think that I am full of spiritual power all the time, but sometimes I feel like that drained battery, and what I need is a direct link to the power source (God); Jesus being sort of like my jumper cables, and the Holy Spirit being the power.

You have to start a sitting car once in a while or the battery would go bad. When we get away from our power source for a long period of time, our power can slowly drain. And if we're not careful, Satan will find ways of draining that power even faster (like when we accidentally leave the lights on in our car).

So if you've been at a spiritual stand still for a long time, or Satan has found a way to speed up your draining process, give yourself a chance, don't try the ignition and give up! Hook up, charge up, be patient, and let God's power grow!

By Cheryl
. . . written a long time ago