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I absolutely love Fall. It is such a blessing to me. The crisp air and colorful paradise of crimson, gold, and orange leaves that glow through the sunshine are truly a gift from God.

It is so sad though, that they are usually only on the trees for a few weeks, and then they are gone, fluttering about the ground. They just don't last long enough.

As glorious and beautiful as these leaves are, though, there is still something even more beautiful and even more glorious. This something is our own colorful selves as we glow in the light of Christ.

We don't have to wait until the last few weeks of our lives either to shine our greatest colors of love and joy. We can shine them brilliantly for years and years and make our entire lives a Fall-like delight for others. At any age we can realize that God loves us so very much and wants us to live our lives in goodness, beauty, peace, and happiness. At any age we can share that love and joy with others.

Are you blessing the rest of the world with your wonderful colors?

written 10/28/11

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