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Confined by Walls

I made the above graphic for this tutorial, but I also wrote about the image on 9/2/15.

This is a statement meant to draw attention and it certainly always catches my eye. Why? I think a lot of people can identify with walls being drawn that they wish were not there. I know I certainly have had people put walls up with me where they reject me and refuse to talk to me, for no apparently good reason. When family does it, it certainly hurts. No matter what my efforts, I cannot seem to break down the walls, but I keep trying.
But this saying seems to indicate that these walls put up from others should not confine me. Then why does it feel like they do? Am I in denial of some sorts? Am I not trying the right approach or the right efforts to break through?

Some people see these walls as obstacles in their way of their dreams. Such as those who feel a brick wall when trying to get a better job or get out of a bad neighborhood. They feel trapped by a situation. Sometimes I feel trapped by my financial situation. There are a lot of ways to identify with this saying that makes your mind think.

I think the key is that walls are like closed doors, which do not necessary mean 'no.' It may mean 'wait' for the door to open or the wall to be broken down. Or it may mean that God has a better and bigger door to open for you, or a better and bigger hole through the wall for you. Just move down the wall a bit and keep knocking and keep pushing and keep moving forward. We just have to keep moving.

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7

Stop thinking of the wall as something in the past. Look at the wall as something hiding what you cannot see yet in your future and get excited about what might soon to be unveiled before you when that wall comes tumbling down.

Or look at it as the wall is protecting you from harm and thank God. Some walls serve a good purpose and are not meant to be broken down. Is this wall that is giving you stress really something that you want to break down?

It is all a matter of perspective and attitude. How can you think of your walls differently?

You are confined ONLY by the walls you build yourself. Change your perspective and get your mind out of that rut.

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