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Chapter E -

Descendants of Georg Friedrich Wilhelm (William) Brennecke

William Brennecke was born November 8, 1834 in Sebexen, Kingdom of Hanover, Germany, according to the original church records there. He was baptized on 16 November with Godparents Heinrich Brennecke and Johanna Mueller. He was ten years old when he came to America.

The notations in parenthesis within this article reference the associated document as shown after this article.

In the Cape Girardeau County Recorder's marriage records we find that William Brennecke and Caroline Noturf (Nothdurft) were married Aug. 29, 1861 by Friedrich Stoffregen, minister of Methodist Episcopal Church. The church records at Zion Methodist Church as list the same information.

William and Caroline Brennecke owned and lived on the farm immediately north of the old Liberty School, southwest of Gordonville. Their house was still standing and owned by Wilbur Welker in 1977. A Mrs. Koeppel and husband lived there until the early 1970s. The Nick Schwack farm was also part of the Brennecke farm.

Not quite two years after their marriage, at the age of 28, William was ordered into active service on May 14, 1863, at Cape Girardeau, Mo. and relieved from duty on November 8, 1863, a term of six months. He served in Company E, 8th Prov. Reg't East Mo. Militia He reenlisted again on July 4, 1864 with the rank of Sergeant, serving from July 28, 1864 through February 21, 1865, a term of almost seven months. (E1)

William and Caroline's first son, Samuel, was born on August 22, 1863, while his father was serving his first six month's of service. Their second child, Missouri, was born May 1866, fifteen months after the date ending his second term of service. William and Caroline had a total of eight children.

William applied for pension, filing a General Affidavit stating: that the Claimant reenlisted as a (ineligible) Sergeant in Capt. Adolf Tacke Company "B" 6 Months E.M.M. Vols. At Cape Girardeau Mo on the 4th day of July 1864 and was relieved from service on the 21st day of February 1865 by reason of expiration of time of service. There is no date on this document. (E2)

A Neighbor's Affidavit was filed on June 30, 1891, by William Nothdurft (age 51) stating: that he has known the above-mentioned solder since 1850, that he first saw said soldier after his discharge from the military service of the United States on or about March, 1865 at his home, and his physical condition was then as follows: When I first saw the Claimant, he was Hard Hearing and had the Rheumatism. I worked for Claimant and with Claimant from the year 1885 up to the present date. I saw Claimant about once a month and sometimes oftener by with Claimant two or three weeks at a time when at work for Claimant. The occupation of Claimant is a farmer and the extent of his disability from performing manual labor is about one half. (E3)

William Nothdurft filed on July 22, 1895 another document to testify on behalf of William Brennecke as follows: When did you first see claimant after he returned from the Army, and how do you fix the date? Answer: in the Spring of 1865 in March. Of what disability did he complain, and how was he affected? Answer: Catarrl of the head. Ring in the ears, running mater out from his ears. Rheumatism in the small of his back & hips & joints. If he has continued to suffer with the disability, please describe the symptoms which were apparent to you, and state to what extent he has been disabled therefrom for manual labor during each year. Answer: He has suffered from fore stated disabilities during each year up to the present time. He was frequently down bed sick with pains in his head and joints so that he could scarcely move. Claimant has been disabled at least one half for manual labor and it looks to me is getting worse from time to time. My means of knowing the facts of this case are these: I live a little over one mile from him. I worked for and with him a great deal, associated with him, knew him for more than 40 years. I was mustered out February 20th 1865, came home & seen Claimant directly afterwards. (E4)

The Department of Interior, Bureau of Pensions, requested information of William, and his answers filed on May 3rd, 1898, were as follows:
Wife's full name and her maiden name?: Caroline Brennecke nee Noturf (line drawn through and Nothdurft written above).
When, where, and by whom were you married?: Friedrich Stoffregen, Minister M.E. Church, Aug 29/1861
What record of marriage exists?: Record Book "C" page 238, Cape Girardeau Co. Mo.
Where you previously married?: No
Have you any children living?: 5 children of which 4 are adults, and one minor names Edward S. Brennecke, born (line through) aged about 16 years. (E5)

A Declaration for Pension was filed on November 13, 1909 by William when he was 75 years of age, giving a personal description as follows: Height, 5 feet 10 inches; complexion, fair; color of eyes, blue; color of hair, Sandy; that his occupation was farmer; that he was born November 8, 1834, at Germany. He gave his post office address is Rt. D. #1, Gordonville. On this document he states that he was a Corporal. Witnesses who signed the document were Jeb Lorberg, J.W. Siemers and H. W. Bangert, Notary Public. (E6)

William died at the age of 76 on December 3, 1910 and is buried in Zion Methodist Cemetery at Gordonville, MO.

A General Affidavit was written by Charles Neumeyer (age 78) on January 23, 1911, on behalf of a claim for Carolina Brennecke, Widow of William Brennecke stating: I knowed William Brennecke 50 years. I know that he was only married one time during his life and that he lived with the Claimant during this life, that the Claimant was only married once, that was to the soldier in 1861. They never were divorced. I saw them two or three times a week during the soldier's life and I know that the Claimaint remains the widow of William Brennecke (E7).

Another General Affidavit was written by H.P. Ahrens (age 73) on January 23, 1911 on behalf of a claim for Carolina stating: I know the soldier William Brennecke 65 years. I saw him about twice a month during his life. I know that he was married in the summer of 1861 and lived with the Claimant Carolina Brennecke until the 3rd day of December 1910. I know that they lived together as man and wife during the life of the soldier, that they never were divorced and I know that the soldier was never married before he married the Claimant and I know that the Claimant was never married before she married the soldier and that she remains the Widow of William Brennecke. (E8)

On January 17, 1911, a paper was filed dropping William Brennecke from his pension, stating he died December 3, 1910. The bottom half of the paper a pension agent reports back to the Commissioner of Pension that he was last paid at $20 per month to November 4, 1910, and had been officially dropped from the roll on January 20, 1911. (E9)

On February 18, 1911, the Cape Girardeau County Recorder filed a copy of the marriage record of William Brennecke to Caroline Noturf, certifying that they were joined in Matrimony on the 29th August 1861, by Friedrich Stoffregen, Minister M.E. Church. (E10)

On July 10, 1917, Carolina Brennecke (age 71) filed a Declaration for Widow's Pension, stating that she had heretofore applied for pension, the number of her certificate No. 717,621 dated 9 day of January 1911, at the rate of twenty dollars. That she makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll under an amended act of September 8, 1916. On this document it is also stated that William was a Corporal. It was witnessed by Jacob Schwab, Clara Bangert, and H.W. Bangert, Notary Public. (E11)

Caroline died September 15, 1929, nearly nineteen years after William's death. In Caroline's obituary, it states that William was a Captain in the Union Army. So, in the documents we have read that he was a Sergeant, Corporal, and Captain. It is unclear as to what his rank was.

1 Johann August Friedrich BRENNECKE
b: November 5, 1801 in Sebexen, Hanover, Germany
d: October 8, 1856 in Zion United Methodist Ch. Gordonville MissouriAge at death: 54
Number of children: 11
Occupation: farm laborer and linen weaver
Special Comment: Emigrated to USA November 1844


+Engel Christine Wilhelmine EICKEMEIER
b: December 5, 1806 in Alshausen, Dukedom of Braunschweig, Germany
d: March 20, 1871 in Zion United Methodist Ch. Gordonville, MissouriAge at death: 64
m: July 12, 1829 in Sebexen, Hanover, Germany
Number of children: 11


2 Georg Friedrich Wilhelm BRENNECKE
b: November 8, 1834 in Sebexen, Kingdom of Hanover, Germany
d: December 3, 1910 in Zion United Methodist Ch. Gordonville, MOAge at death: 76
Number of children: 9
Special comment: known as Capt. Wm F. Brennecke


b: September 28, 1845 in Tilset, Missouri
d: September 15, 1929 in Zion United Methodist Ch,
Gordonville, MO
Age at death: 83
m: August 29, 1861 in Zion United Methodist Ch,
Gordonville, MO
Number of children: 9
Marriage comment: Marriage record by Cape Co. Recorder office, Book C., P. 216
Marriage comment: Dorothy Ross Adams gives a marriage date of Aug. 29, 1861


Caroline Nothdurft's parents:

John Julius Nothdurft
b: Nov. 24, 1803 in Grossen Rhuden, Germany
He came to America Nov 11, 1844.
d: June 26, 1873 in Tilsit, MO. His body was interned in Zion Meth. Ch. Cem., Gordonville, MO.

Johanna Sophia Brennecke
b: Oct 25, 1810 in Grossen Rhuden, Germany
d: Sept. 22 1868. in Zion Meth. Ch. Cem., Gordonville, MO.
m: April 17 1831 -- assumed in Grossen Rhuden, Germany.

Info provided by Rudolph J. Nothdurft Jr.

3 Wilhelmine BRENNECKE
b: July 6, 1862 (per Zion Methodist Church Records
d: ____
baptism: July 15, 1862 at Zion Methodist Church


3 Samuel William BRENNECKE
b: August 22, 1863
d: October 25, 1922 in Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Perkins, MOAge at death: 59
Number of children: 9

+Alvina Dora OBERBECK
b: August 7, 1870
d: December 29, 1944 in Sunset Hill Cemetery, Flint, MIAge at death: 74
m: November 20, 1887
Number of children: 9


4 Mary Louise BRENNECKE
b: March 29, 1889
d: February 10, 1985 in Puxico Cemeter, Puxico, MOAge at death: 95


d: April 19, 1935 in Perkins Cemetery, Perkins, MOAge at death: ?
m: December 12, 1917


b: October 13, 1890
d: July 30, 1971 in Dearborn, MIAge at death: 80
Number of children: 3


d: Whitewater, MO
m: October 5, 1915 in Bell City, MONumber of children: 2


*2nd Husband of Rosa Anna Brennecke:
+Carl Theodore ARNDT
b: April 19, 1901
d: January 6, 1980 in Dearborn, MIAge at death: 78
m: February 19, 1926Number of children: 1


b: September 17, 1892
d: March 26, 1914 in Whitewater Methodist CemeteryAge at death: 21

+Marion BATES
m: August 28, 1912


4 Adelia Christine BRENNECKE
b: December 29, 1893
d: February 21, 1983 in Parma Cemetery, Parma, MOAge at death: 89
Number of children: 9


+Edgar Amphis ROSS
b: May 30, 1884
d: February 21, 1936 in Parma Cemetery Parma, MOAge at death: 51
m: August 28, 1911Number of children: 9


4 Elinore "Ella" BRENNECKE
b: February 22, 1896
d: August 23, 1900 in Methodist Cemetery, Whitewater, MO.
Age at death: 4


4 Clarence Wilhelm BRENNECKE
b: May 15, 1898
d: October 25, 1901 in Methodist Cemetery, Whitewater, MO
Age at death: 3


4 Edward Clarence BRENNECKE
b: February 24, 1902
d: October 8, 1962 in Flint, MIAge at death: 60


+Minnie MARR


4 Lillian Elrode BRENNECKE
b: November 1, 1907
Number of children: 7


+Dewey Manila JONES
d: October 8, 1957 in Flint, MIAge at death: ?
m: May 19, 1923Number of children: 7


4 Marvin Junis BRENNECKE
b: August 21, 1912
d: October 1916

Age at death: 4 est.


3 Missouri Elisabeth BRENNECKE
b: May 1, 1866
d: July 23, 1934 in Zion Methodist Church,
Gordonville, MO
Age at death: 68 est.
Number of children: 1
Baptism: December 9, 1866 at Zion Methodist Church by Rev. H. Hankemeyer


+Louis W. ASLING
Number of children: 1
Special comment: went to Oregon
Special comment: Asling family lived on Wm. Brennecke farm (Nick Schwach/Koeppel farm)

4Walter ASLING
d: in Arlington Cemetery, Washington D.C.
Number of children: 1
Occupation: Taught at Central Wesleyan College, Warrenton, MO
Military: Officer in WWII

Number of children: 1

3 Anna Auguste BRENNECKE
b: February 6, 1870
d: September 11, 1942 in Zion Methodist Church, Gordonville, MOAge at death: 71 est.
Number of children: 6
Baptism: September 1, 1870 in Zion Methodist Church by Rev. Ch. Ehlert


+Christian A. WILLA
b: October 30, 1872
d: October 12, 1946 in Zion Methodist Church, Gordonville, MOAge at death: 73
m: December 9, 1894

Number of children: 6
Marriage comment: Cape Co. Recorder's Office, Jackson, MO

4 Caroline "Carrie" Esther WILLA
b: April 6, 1896
d: December 31, 1977 in Zion Methodist Church, Gordonville, MO
Age at death: 81
Number of children: 4
Residence: Allenville, MO


+Harry LYNN

*2nd Husband of Caroline "Carrie" Esther Willa:
+Walter GROVES
d: March 7, 1935Age at death: ?
Number of children: 4


4 Sylvester Wilhelm WILLA
b: March 27, 1899 in Whitewater Rural Route
d: June 1953 in Farmington, Missouri

Age at death: 54

Number of children: 2

b: September 1906
d: 1950 in Farmington, MissouriAge at death: 43 est.
m: April 1930 in Jackson, MissouriNumber of children: 2


4 Francis Mable WILLA
b: August 18, 1901 in Zion Methodist Church, Gordonville, MO
d: May 13, 1946 in Gordonville, MOAge at death: 44


+Lawrence DRENNAN
b: September 7, 1899
d: September 14, 1981 in Hitt Cemetery, Arbor, MOAge at death: 82


4 Raymond Stanley WILLA
b: October 1, 1903 in Gordonville, Mo
d: January 12, 1977 in Zion Methodist Church, Gordonville, MO
Age at death: 73
Number of children: 4


+Marie Helen GAST
b: September 5, 1911
d: December 10, 1967 in Zion Methodist Church, Gordonville, MO
Age at death: 56
m: November 26, 1930Number of children: 4


4 Grace Irene WILLA
b: October 26, 1905
d: February 5, 1999Age at death: 93
Number of children: 9


+Newton Franklin GILLILAND
b: 1901
d: September 15, 1962Age at death: 61 est.
m: June 29, 1923 in Marble Hill, MO
Number of children: 9

4 William Frederick WILLA
b: November 22, 1907
d: November 22, 1983Age at death: 75 est.


3 Johanna Luise BRENNECKE
b: June 2, 1873
d: September 23, 1880 in Zion Methodist Church,

Gordonville, MO
Age at death: 7
Baptism: November 10, 1873 in Zion Methodist Church by

Rev. CH. Ehlert


3 Heinrich Daniel BRENNECKE
b: January 8, 1875
d: January 16, 1875 in Zion Methodist Church,

Gordonville, MO
Age at death: 0
Baptism: June 13, 1875 in Zion Methodist Church by Rev.

W.W. Simon
Note: Baptism date is after death date. Baptism record

from Zion Church Records


3 William F. BRENNECKE
b: August 10, 1876
d: March 1, 1907 in Zion Methodist Church, Gordonville,MO

Age at death: 30
Number of children: 1
Occupation: Reverend
School: Graduate of Drew Theological Seminary in NJ
Special comment: Brilliant person; died of pneumonia

(by Wesley Deneke)


b: September 9, 1880
d: September 16, 1880 in Zion Methodist Church, Gordonville, MOAge at death: 0


3 Edward Simon BRENNECKE
b: June 26, 1882
d: June 4, 1955 in Springfield, MO

Age at death: 72
Number of children: 3


+Ella Della FELTY
b: November 6, 1881
d: March 29, 1945 in West Plains, MO

Age at death: 63
m: August 20, 1903

Number of children: 3

4 Herbert William BRENNECKE
b: October 1, 1904
d: January 3, 1986 in Mountain Home, ARAge at death: 81
Number of children: 2


+Mabel May MILLER
m: December 24, 1935 in Lindsborg, KS
Number of children: 2


4 Wesley Theodore BRENNECKE
b: August 22, 1906
d: September 5, 1970Age at death: 64
Number of children: 6


+Lela RICE
b: April 24, 1910
m: July 15, 1928Number of children: 6


4 Ruth Florence BRENNECKE
b: October 11, 1908 in Jackson, MO
d: May 28, 1975 in Ash Flat, ARAge at death: 66
Number of children: 2


+Herbert Harold FITZGERALD
b: November 17, 1898
m: June 8, 1930 in Springfield, MO
Number of children: 2