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Chapter J


According to the catechism of Jacob Brennecke, his youngest brother, Frank Brennecke was born February 9, 1848. According to the church records at Zion United Methodist Church, Frank was born on February 15, 1848 and baptized on October 4, 1848. He was born in Tilsit, between Gordonville and Jackson, MO. His baptism record is the second listed in the records of Zion. His baptism record lists the place where they lived as "near the windmill."

On May 16, 1872 he married Anna Kuehle, born January 3, 1850. Born to this union were Daniel F. and August, who died eight months later in 1878. Wife Anna died on August 1, 1885 and is buried in Zion Methodist Cemetery.

Six months after Anna's death, Frank married Anna's sister, Alvina Kuehle, on February 7, 1886. Children born to Frank and Alvina were Benjamin, Joseph, and Monroe James.

Frank died February 7, 1902 and is buried in Zion Methodist Cemetery, Gordonville, MO.

The Frank Brennecke farm adjoined his father August Brennecke's farm, between Jackson and Tilsit. Frank's son, Benjamin, lived on this farm until the 1960s. It has since been sold.

Three Generations of

Descendants of Franklin "Frank" Brennecke

1Johann August Friedrich BRENNECKE
b: November 5, 1801 in Sebexen, Hanover, Germany
d: October 8, 1856 in Zion United Methodist Ch. Gordonville Missouri

Age at death: 54
Number of children: 11
Occupation: farm laborer and linen weaver
Special Comment: Emigrated to USA November 1844

+Engel Christine Wilhelmine EICKEMEIER
b: December 5, 1806 in Alshausen, Dukedom of Braunschweig, Germany
d: March 20, 1871 in Zion United Methodist Ch. Gordonville, MissouriAge at death: 64
m: July 12, 1829 in Sebexen, Hanover, Germany
Number of children: 11

2 Johann Franklin "Frank" BRENNECKE
b: February 9, 1848 (per Jacob's Brennecke's catechism) in Tilsit, MO
b: February 15, 1848 (per Zion United Methodist Church records) in Tilsit, MO
d: February 7, 1902 Zion Methodist Church, Gordonville, MO
Age at death: 53
Number of children: 5
Baptism: October 4, 1848 (second child listed in baptism records of Zion United Methodist Church)

b: January 3, 1850
d: August 1, 1885Age at death: 35
m: May 16, 1872Number of children: 2
Marriage comment: Cape Co. Recorder's Office, D 165

3 Daniel Frank BRENNECKE
b: August 10, 1872
d: June 1944Age at death: 71 est.
Number of children: 5
Baptism: May 8, 1873 in Zion Methodist Church by Rev. Ch. Ehlert

d: February 9, 1953Age at death: ?
m: September 1898

Number of children: 5

b: July 26, 1899
d: July 26, 1899Age at death: 0

4 Lydia Henrieta BRENNECKE
b: July 27, 1900
Number of children: 3

+Louis W. MAAG
b: September 10, 1898
d: January 17, 1975Age at death: 76
m: August 7, 1921Number of children: 3

4 Leo Franklin BRENNECKE
b: January 2, 1903
d: February 20, 1950Age at death: 47
Number of children: 2

b: November 17, 1901
m: October 29, 1925Number of children: 2

4 Rudolf Frederick BRENNECKE
b: December 23, 1906
d: April 7, 1939Age at death: 32

m: November 4, 1934

4Emil Monroe BRENNECKE
b: September 4, 1910
d: March 9, 1981 in Memorial Park, Cape Girardeau, MO

Age at death: 70

+Mary Lee WILSON
m: May 21, 1933

b: September 14, 1877
d: May 1, 1878 in Zion Methodist Cemetery, Gordonville, MO

Age at death: 0

*2nd Wife of Franklin "Frank" Brennecke:
+Alvine KUEHLE
b: August 6, 1856
d: February 24, 1939 in Zion Methodist Cemetery, Gordonville, MO

Age at death: 82
m: February 7, 1886 Number of children: 3

3Joseph Franklin BRENNECKE
b: February 29, 1888
d: October 10, 1973 in Zion Methodist Cemetery, Gordonville, MO

Age at death: 85
Number of children: 1

b: April 10, 1888
d: October 13, 1936

Age at death: 48
Number of children: 1

4 Douglas SNEATHEN
b: June 18, 1939
Special comment: foster son

*2nd Wife of Joseph Franklin Brennecke:
+Minnie C. DENEKE
b: January 2, 1893
d: April 2, 1974 in Zion Methodist Cemetery, Gordonville, MO

Age at death: 81
m: June 18, 1939

3 Benjamin BRENNECKE

b: 1890
d: September 21, 1970 in Zion Methodist Cemetery, Gordonville, Mo

Age at death: 80 est.

b: 1890
d: 1973 in Zion Methodist Cemetery, Gordonville, MO

Age at death: 83 est.

3 Monroe James BRENNECKE
b: November 3, 1892
d: March 5, 1983 in Zion Methodist Cemetery, Gordonville, MO

Age at death: 90
Special comment: Monroe was the last surviving grandchild of August and Wilhelmine Eickemeier

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