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Bathroom Babbles 15


*First posted January 26, 2015

It has been a long time since I have done a Bathroom Babbles, but since I am re-sharing them now, it is on my mind.  There were 14 previous ones, so this is #15.   It never ceases to amazing me how much I can learn from my bathroom.  These posts used to be rather popular, but the re-posts have not been receiving too many comments.  Still yet, I enjoy analyzing and thinking them up.  They actually usually just fall into my world.

As I am re-reading my 2008 and 2009 bathroom babbles, I am realizing what a difficult life I lead back then and I am more thankful for my calmer life now.  Did I really go through all that? .... All that and so much more stuff that never made it to my blog.  

On January 15, our youngest son moved home.  On January 21, he unmoved home.  We thought he was here to stay for us to help him get back on his feet, find a job and an apartment of his own, but just short of a week, he was gone.  The life transition was a difficult time for us all.

While he was home, I was continually surprised by a closed bathroom door.  It is a good thing I did not hit my head on it in the middle of the night!  I suppose he must always shut his bathroom door at his own apartment and did it without thinking here.  We leave our bathroom door open all the time.  I found myself knocking on the door to see if someone was in the bathroom before I opened it.

It was rather frustrating for me, but not wanting to make waves and wanting to keep up a happy demeanor in the house, I never told him.  I was never a nagging mom about it.  He may have heard me exclaim it the first time if he were listening from the other room, but after that I did not speak out loud.

Now he is gone and I am almost wishing I could find that door closed again.  Why is it we are never happy with our current condition?

Psalm 141:3 says "Watch over the door of my lips!"

WHAT a GREAT prayer! huh?  Praying God's Word right back to Him.

I cannot resist the temptation of speaking what is on my mind without God's help.  It is a constant, daily thing.  

Seeing my lips as a door is a great analogy.  The door opens.  What is behind the door?  Door 1 may be something negative.  Oops.  Better not open that door!  Door 2 may be praises.  Yep, let's open that door!

When your door opens up, what is built up behind it putting pressure on the door, so built up that when you open the door it all spills out?  Is it anger behind your door?  Maybe a little cool down period is necessary before you open your door. 

Sometimes it may be necessary to let the door open sooner, such as when my son announced he was leaving moments before I was leaving for work and I had no time to cool down and I just had to let the words pour out.  Do I regret it?  Somewhat.  I regret how I said it, but the things I said needed to be said, so I do not regret what I said.

Sometimes it may be necessary to keep the door shut and never open it, such as things that should just be forgiven, let go, and let God.

What is hiding behind your door?


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