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When the waves rise . . . an arrow prayer

7/13/15  Lord, thank you for this beautiful scene I was able to photograph on our recent vacation.  You are the creator and sure do bless me with some amazing things!  I love the waves crashing, the morning sun, and the bird flying.  I should have straightened the horizon though!  Thank You for digital photography which I enjoy so much and for programs to play with my images.  This photo reminds me of the many waves of trouble and storms of life that come crashing in, even when it seems I do nothing and they just roll right in!  For instance, right now it seems to be a financial wave for us.  Expenses keep crashing in unexpectedly, right after we stretch ourselves trying to do other things.  We are barely afloat it feels.  Thanks to You, I know that as we make efforts and strides to move on out of this storm, You will be there walking right beside us.  Help us to be wise and to resist temptations, to be content, and to find ways to reduce this debt.  Whatever your plan is for us, though, I feel comfort in knowing You love me and are with me.

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